09.06.2015 5:10

GOOGLE TO GIVE AT THE REVERSE fast-growing market

China is famous for the fact that every year makes the Internet more and more closed and put a spoke in the wheels of international companies to support domestic products, which like not all market players. One of the first companies that decided to escape from China, became the search engine Google. He fell out with the authorities since refused to impose censorship – it has led to an almost complete disappearance of Google services from China. However, such a tasty morsel for the mobile market makes the search giant to go back down. The company will soon return Google Play for the Chinese market.

As it became known edition of the Shanghai China Business News, Google can no longer ignore such a huge market, as the Chinese, but because in a short time plans to return there in search of a billion new users of its services. It seems to principles of the harsh realities faced limited growth, which still can seriously spur is very large, but practically not covered by the audience. Specific terms of return are not called, but described as “soon”.

According to statistics provided by the App Annie, Chinese App Store is now breaking all records and is ranked by the number of downloaded applications. In the ranking of Google Play is not China in the lead because of the specificity of the local market, where the popular local stores, primarily because of the predominant number of smartphones on alternative firmware or katabatic Android applications without Google – China ranks last in the number of downloads.

Of course, just go back to China will not be enough, because for five years then there were his strongest players, which has flared up between the incredible competition. Google will have to exert a lot of effort to capture any significant chunk of the market.

GOOGLE TO GIVE AT THE REVERSE fast-growing market

Again, China is dominated by third-party firmware, the foundation of which is taken in the AOSP, so the company from Mountain View, may reconsider the order of licensing of its services for the local market, to somehow win a place under the sun. The publication became known that Google offered ZTE, Huawei, Coolpad, Lenovo, Vivo and Oppo pay one dollar for each issued China’s smartphone preloaded with Google Play. However, this will not be the first concession to China – formerly Qualcomm also revised its approach to working with our Chinese partners, and encourages them to more favorable terms than for companies from other countries.

Let’s see how the return of Google – if the company will be able to reach an agreement with the local authorities and unlock Gmail and Maps – impact on the company’s results. The explosive growth of Android from this, of course, will not happen, but the financial results and the attractiveness of Google Play developer can go up, which will reflect positively on the Google ecosystem as a whole.