05.02.2014 1:44

Google Glass: machinery rubbing points in the era

Have you noticed that it has recently become much less meaningful news about the Gulag … oh, sorry, it’s hard to say I guingngnmskoe word “Guglglass” without hesitation. In short, about those magic glasses, of which we are all of last year the press was buzzing. And now what? Only repetitive attempts to squeeze out a tear demshizy – I mean stories about how the three and a half botany unjustly suffered for the use of the revolutionary device in decent places.

Does this mean that the real, that is, revolutionary technological gadget nosonosimogo already exhausted? In the end, Wave, and a dozen guingngnmskih innovation discarded skates shortly after beautiful presentations. But how then to explain that a number of other high-tech companies, too, have turned into opticians and too shaken to its exhibitions double lorgnettes?

When I ask myself this question, I understand that it would be necessary to slap his forehead. Because the question itself comes from the wrong premise of such children’s perceptions of the world, where every invention of the category of “this has not been” necessarily turn the world, or at least contribute a little progress.


But such an obvious fate threatens inventions only in specific conditions. Something like World War II, the belligerent powers should have a hefty resource to play Darwinian selection in real time. Fortieth year, von Braun’s rocket. Nasty example, but it is hard to escape the feeling that half-century space race between Russia and America, threw people right up to the moon, is a side effect of military innovation fascist one.

What is different about the competition in peacetime? Well, about the same than different from the deadly virus worm parasite which does not kill the host immediately, because of living can be pulled more resources. And because new inventions are not immediately adopted for use – because “good” is a concept multipolar. Other ovchinka though warm, but not worth the candle: electric cars for half a century promises to be a mass transport, but do not get. Explanation of such subtleties devoted special postwar religion called “the economy”.

I go directly to the third state of aggregation of society: super peacetime century overproduction when churning gadgets is as easy as baking cookies. In such circumstances, cheap diversity concept of “good” in general can evaporate; choose between the two smartphones is easy, but between two hundred? Therefore, the selection start to run media neuroses; coolness – just a matter of general agreement that does not require objective advantages.

Evolutionary theory has only recently came to the understanding of such phenomena. Darwin himself they are very surprised. He arrives on a tropical island, and it was full of incredible fish and birds, which nowhere else. And fish – quite acidic colorings and poultry – with such voooooot tails. No benefit from such tailings is not, and on the contrary, one disadvantage. Where is the struggle, where the selection of the most perfect?

Darwin’s followers until converged explanation. Some believe that the long tail of the peacock is a direct “diagnosis” of some of the male inner qualities that are essential for selection. That is, selecting the most caudate, the female chooses the healthiest – though not aware of this. Others evolutionists believe that nature can indeed be useless solutions: simply because they once entrenched in the population. Richard Dawkins in his book “The Blind Watchmaker” quite elegantly explained such phenomena avalanche effect positive feedback that leads to victory “tastes majority” without any practical sense. And this applies not only to the genetic code of peacock tails, but also of human clothing, and popular music, and books:

It seems that this is a fact – many people will buy a record just because of purchase (or the probability of purchase) that record a lot of other people.

Internet as overheated media environment very similar to the tropical atoll with strange fish, stumped Darwin. But if you do not perceive the IT-products as progress with the obvious advantage and watch it “avalanche of flavors” many mysteries become clearer.

What is the phenomenon of “Twitter”? In fact, to make the blog entries have shorter? No, this has to be done in the usual blog. A new fashion is to make public such records that have not traditionally been made public. Generally flaunt diaries – a new phenomenon, and only show all fragmentary personal little notes – even more so. It was not accepted norm 20 years ago. Then the “Twitter” just would not go. Electronic exhibitionism – special psychological fashion which has become popular only in a certain period, when a senseless, but the game was ready status critical “core” public. Went further avalanche.

The next step is clear, right? Following the fashion for short skirts should go fashion for long. And it should especially eager to promote himself in hell short skirts and that is where it will be most contrasting “innovation.” Now fashionable service Medium.com – he’s not just for fans of large texts. Log in to “Medium” can only registration of “Twitter.” That is, people first driven into the Procrustean bed of a microblog, and then gave them the freedom to write a longer – as steep a separate service. Here’s a banal attempt to control the media psychoses.


The difference between the IT-only fashion and skirts that IT now “closer to the body.” And here we are finally back to Gugloglazu. It is obvious that a miracle glasses are “incredibly useful device” only in fantasies giknutoy press. If analyze the potential mass of the device, so you need to ask the question: to what extent the public is ready to “peacock’s tail”? Or even three tails, which I will call below.

But first, again, I note that “peacock’s tail” – this is not some flaw, namely useless ugliness. Otherwise I could, for example, talk about how my youngest son recently crushed my glasses for 500 bucks, so I do not believe in the news like “Gugloglass $ 1,500 helps a firefighter and masseuses.” However, the evaluation of the product of the “price / fragility” – is from the category of economic equations with known solutions. Well, five years will be cheaper and stronger.

But the real “peacock tails” that require rebuilding of public opinion, not technology:

Main comic voice control solution (“did not work? – Shout three times and louder!”) Is still in contradiction with the general morality, according to which only behave as psychopaths. However, mobile phones have undermined this morality. Thirty years ago, a man speaking to himself on the street, definitely would be considered schizophrenic. But now this kind of pathological behavior is acceptable in many public restrooms.

The most popular topic in the media. But again, much of society has nadressirovana and silent in a rag over the face directed govnozerkalok and cameraphones, it’s called “democracy.” However, there is little competition govnofotografov: Steve Mann pitched the first points with a camera and displays in 2002 – and made it the guards at the airport, because they have their cameras. But in any case, mass user must already get used to it on the street – as bare. You’ve seen it in a dream, and that’s get back his accordion. Speaking of Bayan: if someone promises you a revolution in pornoidustrii gugloglazym due, most likely, this person had not seen the modern porn. Because there long mastered all possible “angles”.

Whether additional layers, whether the words flying, whether in general the whole instrument panel, which reduces the field of view. This is the most uncomfortable “peacock tail” very tipping. And I think the mass user for a long time does not make such a mockery of his vision, despite all of status of the device.

downloaded Surprisingly, it was not like this in writing reviews Gugloglaza. And probably not just because they want to hide from the consumer potential dizziness and strabismus. No, it’s easier: the first observers of this visual Gulag became inveterate geeks who for decades taught their brains to multiscreen view, all these layers and on top of normal birochkami pictures. These people are quite ready for another small screen face. And these people have more than a few years ago when a lone beat Steve Mann with similar miracle glasses. This is just an illustration of what is in itself an “invention” and even working prototypes – the history of the last century. But guess the time is ripe to launch a critical mass of mass insanity – that’s another story.

Guingngnmy guessed and the right time will be enough for them happy ochkarikov avalanche current market? I still think that is too narrow circle of people, and they are terribly far from the people. And to cater to their dead eyes geek – too bad example. Let’s start the fashion for digital wallpapers, manages to hit skimmers. A housewife is tired of waiting.