13.04.2014 1:13

Google Play Music on Sonos wireless speakers

Thanks to a partnership between Google and the Sonos is now possible to play songs directly to Play Music on the speakers wireless range Multi-Room.

Good news for all those who are in possession of a Sonos: Thanks to the partnership signed by the manufacturer with bigg, now you can listen to the songs streaming on the platform Google Play Music directly to the speakers of the line wireless multi-room, through the ‘ service application available on Android smartphones and tablets, in a similar way to what happens for example with the dongle Chromecast .

We continue to invest to improve the way in which you can listen to your favorite music at home, implementing a series of services designed for the home. In Google Play Music we have found a great partner, who for the first time allows us to extend our vision on a global scale. Together we have created a musical experience that demonstrates how content, and sound devices can work together harmoniously integrating.

This is what it says on the official blog of Sonos in the post announcing the handshake with Google Play Music. For those who were not aware, here are some of the characteristics of the service, the last year available in Italy with the formula Unlimited fee.

  • Ability to upload your music library Google Music Play allows you to store up to 20,000 songs for free, listen to streaming at home or on the move;
  • catalog consists of over 22 million tracks for subscribers to the formula Unlimited;
  • create custom radio stations;
  • functionality “I feel lucky” for the automatic generation of playlists based on their musical tastes, unlimited skip and no ads.

Staying on the theme, last month it was announced a ‘ promotional initiative that, until May 5, 2014, allows you to receive a gift by purchasing a Sonos BRIDGE playbars, in addition to six months of free access to Spotify Premium service.