What to do if grabbed a cramp

What to do if grabbed a cramp

grabbed a cramp

Condition which may require urgent intervention of a doctor

Cramps – it paroxysmal involuntary contraction of muscles, if they happened overvoltage. Cramp occur suddenly and do not last long, but after some time may be repeated. Typically they cause severe pain. Young people complain of painful cramp much less likely than older people and children.These muscle contractions occur mainly at night when the body warm and able to sleep, or during muscle activity.

Most prone to leg cramp, less – hips, back, neck and abdomen. Seizures may be in one muscle and reach muscle group.

Spasms may vary. For example, there are seizures that look like the same rapid movements. For example, a nervous tic century. This kind of spasm, clonic called, is the result of short-term contraction and relaxation of certain muscle groups. But there is a tonic convulsions, which are more familiar to many of us. This is when the muscles for a few minutes as it hardens, it is accompanied by severe pain condition. Typically, these involuntary contractions are local.

Causes of cramp

grabbed a cramp

Seizures occur due to insufficient blood circulation in the muscles, especially during physical exertion.Some seizures appear worse when exposed to external stimuli – prick needle body, sudden loud sounds, alcohol abuse.

Factor in the development of seizures in athletes is the lack of salt in the body caused by sweating.

Can cause seizures, even monotonous, repetitive movements, such as typing on a keyboard or computer mouse.

Night cramp – the result of a complex psychophysiological disorders (low blood circulation and stress).

If the same muscle groups are under load, then the fatigue they may also be exposed to jerking. This is especially true of people who work standing up.

Sometimes seizures – a consequence of diseases of the nervous system (epilepsy, tetanus, neurosis), poisoning, metabolic or endocrine gland activity.

Convulsions in children are associated with lack of maturity of the brain and nerve fibers, the weakness of the nervous system. On the development of convulsive states affect hazards during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period for nervous system of the baby. Before birth may be toxemia, intrauterine infection, drug poisoning, acute and chronic illness of the mother; during childbirth – fetal brain damage by mechanical means; after childbirth – infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, complications after vaccination, traumatic brain injury.

Cramping calf muscles and are independent disease, and may be accompanied by a disease (such as varicose veins). They occur during a long walk, swim.

Oriental medicine believes the main reason for the fear of seizures and even ready to determine exactly what you’re afraid. Cramp in the thigh, according to Eastern healers say you tormenting past events in caviar – show fear and misunderstanding of communication in the family, and reduces foot only those who is unsure of himself and afraid of the future.

Seizures may also cause spinal osteochondrosis, atherosclerosis, varicose veins, fasting and diabetes.

Another reason may be hormonal or diuretics, potassium excretory hard, and great loss of salts in vomiting or diarrhea. Unfortunately, the cause of seizures may be irritation and hearth in the motor area of ​​the brain. It happens in infectious lesions of the nervous system, such as the flu and other viral infections.

Cramp in pregnancy

grabbed a cramp

Convulsions during pregnancy explained metabolic disorders and a lack of trace elements, including calcium. Most often cramp start to disturb a woman about 5-6 months pregnant. This is due to the fact that during this period the fetus develops a maximum speed, which leads to a greater need for vitamins and minerals.

Cramp in children

Now we’ll talk a little bit about a more serious manifestation of seizures – convulsions, which parents need to know. The most common cause of seizures in childhood is high body temperature that exceeds 39 degrees. Other causes of seizures may be – the presence of an infectious disease, increased intracranial pressure, trauma, as well as other changes in the overall health of the child.Frequent seizures in infants attributed underdevelopment of the central nervous system.

In the event of a child’s seizures need to first be released from his tight clothing. It is also important to put the child on its side and turn his head to the side. It is necessary that a headscarf that can be folded and inserted between your child’s teeth. This prevents it from biting the tongue. It is also very important that at this time the room was as much fresh air, so it is necessary to immediately open the window. If any symptoms similar to those immediately call an ambulance. Remember, during seizures leave a child himself, even for a second. It is important after treatment and determine the cause of seizures regularly sostoyaniya.Takim prevention of children should always shoot down the temperature, without waiting for its increase to very high numbers.

Cramp in the water

grabbed a cramp

People who love to swim and spend a lot of time in the water, know that seizures can occur in any swimmer. They are also called spasms and may occur as a result of many changes in the body. The most frequent cause of their appearance is the lack of calcium and potassium.

Need to know a few rules that will reduce the possibility of seizures in the water. It is necessary to warm up your muscles a bit before entering the water, but it is not necessary to go into the cold water much flushed. Remember, if a similar attack started yet, do not panic, try to push harder and reduce promassirovat region.

What to do if grabbed a cramp

In the intense heat cramp occur from dehydration, so experts advise to drink boiled water at room temperature with the addition of salt. In any case, does not prevent the introduction into the diet of dairy products (they have a lot of calcium), bananas, oranges, apricots (sources of potassium), green vegetables, fruit and bread with (they will deliver the body magnesium).

Cramp grabbed night? Need to get out of bed and put your feet on the heels (better to stand on the cold floor). If you can not get out of bed: try to relax and breathe deeply. Straining with pain, you only reinforce cramp. Gently stretch the calf muscles and pull the sock itself. Gently massage the entire leg, paying particular attention to the most painful area.

With frequent convulsions doctors advised to adjust your daily diet (reduce consumption of sweet, starchy foods, but hard cheese and curd have required). And, of course, do not hesitate to visit a doctor!

Emergency assistance for leg cramp

1. Some people feel the onset of seizures, so if you are one of them, then relax your foot in advance.

2. If spasm happened yet, pull the sock over the foot, then slightly loosen the thrust and pull again. If the spasm is not passed, then stand up, walk around a bit. Better not on the carpet and on the floor, and it is desirable that the feet were bare, and the floor is cool.

3. Withdrawal seizures a converged light massage helps muscles. To enhance the effect of warming up, use the ointment.

4. If spasm persists, try to pinch the muscle spasm or prick it with a needle.

5. Once spasm passed, recommended lie down with feet up (if possible) to ensure blood flow and reduce the risk of recurrence of spasm.

More and preventive measures

The correct choice of footwear. Wear shoes with high instep and ankle support dense. High heels should be replaced by a small and stable (no more than 4 cm). Then the legs are less tired during the day, and, hence, convulsions will occur less frequently.

Moderate exercise. Do not overload the legs. Get cramp from muscle tension. For example, those that appear in the legs after prolonged use squatting in the garden or in the gym after an intense workout.

Contrast baths or showers. These procedures are recommended to be done every time before bedtime. Useful to add water decoction of medicinal herbs with anticonvulsants: mint, horsetail, valerian. These measures will improve the flow of blood from the lower extremities and will prevent the emergence of seizures.

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