Greece winter – rest Greeks

Greece winter – rest Greeks

Greece winter - rest Greeks

See Greece winter is what it is known and loved local easiest winter. It was during the cold season opens another country due to unknown foreigner’s areas snowy resorts and cities that mass tourism bypassed. And to get a truly unique experience is to listen to the advice of the locals. Here are five key areas that the Greeks purchased for winter travel in their own country.

Greece winter – Lake Plastira

One of the favorite places for winter recreation among the Greeks – man-made Lake Plastira. It is in perfect harmony with the natural landscape and a positive impact on the development of tourism in the prefecture of Karditsa. In the area of ​​Plastira come to go fishing, take a walk on the special routes through the forest, and skiing. Here there is a small but nice ski center Karamanoli which offer entertainment for adults and children.In contrast to the tourist areas filled with noise and foreign travelers in the summer, Plastiras winter – this haven of peace and tranquility.

Plastira popularity among the Greeks caused by the fact that the lake is surrounded by a scattering of villages. Here you can find the hotel and there is if you want to enroll in a tour of the surrounding area. Not a bad option – the village Kalyvia, which is separated from the coast Plastira 400 meters. Also worth a closer look at hotels in Neochori. The village still retains its traditional atmosphere. In Neochori you can visit the Botanical Garden, which presents the plants from the region. Another beautiful village – Moschato with cobbled streets, picturesque views and winemaking traditions.

Greece winter – Pelion

Greece winter - rest Greeks

Thessalian mountain range – space for lovers of the outdoors. There are dozens of directions and opportunities for recreation: hiking in the mountains, familiarity with the kitchen, visiting unique attractions. The special flavor of Pelion villages makes this area. You can stay in Zagora, known ancient churches and many hiking routes, for which the village was the starting point.

In winter, Pelion is becoming the choice of those who are in search of beautiful mountain scenery and fresh air. Resting in the region, it is impossible to give up skiing on the slopes of the ski center Agriolefkes it. For years, he remains consistently popular and one of the oldest ski resorts in Greece. There are equipped with trails for beginners and mid-level and cross-country skiing. To quickly get to the Agriolefkes, it is worth booking a hotel in Makrinitsa.

Greece winter – Kaimaktsalan

According to generally accepted standards of Kaimaktsalan – a relatively new resort. The first skiers obkatali its tracks in 1995. Since then it has equipped 16 trails, slopes for different categories, two schools, which teach any ride, rental and many restaurants. Not only natural beauty, but also an extended season (until May) did Kaimaktsalan favorite resort for the people of Thessaloniki and other regions. And yet Kaimaktsalan not disappoint snowboarders, cross-country skiers and toboggan.

However, their leisure vacationers in Kaymaktsalane can diversify explores the surroundings. It is necessary to call in Agios Athanasios – authentic village founded in the XVI century, Panagitsa also retained its non-touristic look, or spend a little more time to get to the waterfalls of Edessa.

As for hotels near Kaymaktsalanom, then they will have no problems. In Agios Athanasios and Panagitsa there as apartments for every purse and traditional hotels, which differ cozy interiors, fireplaces and decorated in a rustic style.

Greece winter – Drama

It is not a popular tourist destination, but the Greeks favorite Drama prefecture is famous for natural resources. On all sides the region surrounded by mountains. No exception the main city of the region, adjacent to the mountain Falakro, where hiking trails and operates the ski center – the most northern Greece. There are waiting for the numerous trails, infrastructure and entertainment, which will not allow to get bored in your free time skiing.

The region has a local exotic – Kato Nevrokop town, where there are the lowest temperature in Greece. It is worth visiting to make sure: despite the icy wind and -20, the Greeks are welcoming and smiling.

Greece winter – Vasilitsa

Greece winter - rest Greeks

In ski resort, located in the mountains of Pindos, a lot of advantages. Greeks choose it for the multitude of trails, with tourists from all levels of skiing, reasonable prices and cheerful alternative to the pastime. It is worth noting that there are children in Vasilitsa route, and at night you can ride a floodlit slopes. The resort like snowboarders, fans safari tours in the snow and just lovers of untouched natural beauty.

At other times, guests can relax in the spa, swim in the pool or spend time in a Greek tavern. Selection of hotels near Vasilitsa and good, and to feel the flavor, it is best to stay in comfortable guest houses.

Resting in Vasilitsa, you cannot go past the town of Grevena (40 km away), which is behind many of the Greek cities on the part of tourism. But the better: everything here is aimed at the local rather than tourists.Grevena known mushrooms, so you should go to any tavern to try mushroom soups and pies. And if you are lucky to visit Vasilitsa in February, you can come in Grevena on an annual carnival.