What to see in Greenland for 5 days

What to see in Greenland for 5 days


Today we invite you to visit one of the coldest and harshest Islands – Greenland. We will tell you where to stay and what to see in this amazing place, and try to prove that Greenland is more than worthy of attention of travelers.



Tour of Greenland, I must admit, not only takes a lot of time and energy, but also money. Travel between attractions the world’s largest island have mostly transport airline Air Greenland, which is often the only means of transportation between remote sites. Flights between the cities of Greenland cost from $ 30 to $ 1,500.

And get to the first sights you can Kangerlussuaq Airport, where flights fly from Copenhagen. Visa to Greenland, which belongs to Denmark, though, but an autonomous entity with its own laws, and not part of the Schengen area is made about a fortnight in the visa centers in Denmark or Iceland, and at a cost approximately equal to Schengen, plus insurance.

Its existence to Nuuk, which became the world’s tiniest capital and thus the busiest settlement in Greenland, Norwegian missionary Hans obliged Egede. Although the first inhabitants came to the harsh land near the fjord of Good Hope more than four thousand years ago, only in 1728 has managed to combine a dozen Egede Eskimo labor in the city, dubbed Godthab. In modern-Nuuk Nuuk, which became in 1979 the capital of Greenland, almost no native northern coloring: traditional dugout of stone and turf replaced colorful prefabricated houses, similar to each other like twins. But do not despair – to dive into the past cold land located just 240 km from the North Pole, it is enough to walk around the old city quarters. Here are located the main attractions of Nuuk: Egede house where settled parliament, residence and post office of Santa Claus, colorful meat ranks Bredtet market, the National Museum of Greenland and Arctic garden. At night you can stay in a hotel which is … one whole. The hotel, which is called “Hotel” is located in the city center, it does not have its own website, but judging by the responses of tourists go there, the place is quite decent. And the next day departing flights Air Greenland Upernavik straight into town.



Residents of Greenland claim: if you have not been to Upernavik, you even can not imagine what cold. Name of the town where the fjords between Baffin Bay located near the northernmost ferry in the world, translated means “spring place.” Kolko humor early settlers can only envy: even on warm summer days the temperature in Upernavik not rise above 5. Town, thanks to the existing fishing and hunting of polar bears, known for its unique historical heritage. In 1824 there was discovered runestone containing letters relating to the Vikings and the 13th century, and the local town museum, had seen many Arctic explorers, considered the oldest in the country. If you are not afraid of cold, make a tour of the municipality of Upernavik. Journey, which began at the highest peak of western Greenland Inuusuussak will be held in the valleys, where the word spoken in a whisper sounds for many miles, and the rocks, shimmering gems all shades and end at the northern edge of the island – in the village Naayarsuit.

Upernavik city is so severe that it no hotel. So it is better to fly out of it on the same day in the evening and continue the journey, sleep for a couple hours on the plane. Will fly to the southeast. Need to calculate the trip so that flight from Upernavik was the day of your arrival in the city, otherwise we will have to live in the family a few days of the Vikings, waiting aircraft.



In a cute little portside town Qaqortoq, lying to the south of Greenland, it is best to look in the summer. On warm days, the harsh northern wastes, warmed by the sun, exploding riot of flowers and colors. Hardly anywhere else on the island there is a variety of wildflowers. Here is the only city on the island fountain immortalized names mayors, and one of the most famous museums in Greenland dedicated craft islanders. Mandatory party series, held on the streets of Qaqortoq becomes unusual sculpture “Stone and Man”, created out of the rock, which is in excess. Not far from the town are the ruins Hvalsey – the remnants of the Norwegian settlements, preserving the memory of the dark ages of history. According to ancient Icelandic chronicle “Flateyyarbik” in the 15th century on the site burned witches and vertex marriages between the colonists and the Inuit. The most popular excursions are Qaqortoq trip around the lake or Igalik Tasersuak dogsled.

Here we have to stay overnight, as most flights depart early in the morning. Fortunately for us, there is Hotel Qaqortoq, who will not let freeze traveler. Fly to Nanortalik city, next to which is the next point of interest, have about 30 minutes



Those who have never turned out so far north, Greenland seems harsh edge permeated the cold winds and buried in the snow. As transparent needles, towering above snowy valleys shackled with ice mountains and icebergs silent blocks. But we need only to land on dry land, you realize that this is only one side of the coin. The unique nature shines bright colors: blue glaciers flawless golden sun interrupted stitch reservoirs, and the white snow cut emerald meadows. Road in one of the most beautiful corners of Greenland Motzenfeld lake, full of hardships. This place is born two impressive glaciers, hidden among tall cold lumps. Yet, the path here is worth any effort: the tourist route to Motzenfeldu runs through the picturesque valley Koororssuak sprawled in a hollow between the giants and Illerfissalika Suusukutaussa. Thanks to the power of nutritional Koorkup River, originating in the depths of the lake Motzenfeld, this region is like a fairy-tale world, full of life.

Stay for the night after exploring the natural beauty of Greenland makes no sense. Now you need to fly for about 15 hours at the very north of the island, so if you do not mind sleeping on the plane, you can save a little money on the property.

Lake Motzenfeld


Archaeological excavations carried out in the territory of one of the most popular tourist areas of the island, show: three and a half thousand years ago in Ilulissat lived ancient people. For hundreds of years the locals survive by fishing and whaling, and in the intervals organizes tours. On inspection of the few attractions settlement, whose name translated means “icebergs” It takes just a day. Cold Museum and Knut Rasmussen talk about arctic expeditions, amazing discoveries and lifestyle Inuit and Danish first settlers. After strolling around the city, go to the Ilulissat Ice Fjord, created the largest glacier outside Aktarktidy Sermeq Kudzhalek. Its width is about 5 km, and the thickness exceeds 150 m Through marvelous caves, piercing icy kingdom travelers routes lead to the ruins of Holmes and Sermermiute Bakke. To celebrate the end of the endless polar night and meet the first rays of the sun, January 13 there are going to all the residents. In Ilulissat, fortunately, there is a place to stay – “Wanted Arctic” shelter and warm everyone. And then – at home or in another country to meet adventure.

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