Greg Nicotero: “I returned to The Walking Dead intrigue”

Greg Nicotero: “I returned to The Walking Dead intrigue”


Beware, spoilers for the fourth season! 

Executive producer and chief master to create zombies Greg Nicotero told Zap2it resource something about the finale of the fourth season of The Walking Dead and shared his thoughts on the fifth. 

If you are just as many fans show several times revised episode titled “A” to understand what kind of meat roasted on a grill in the Terminus, Greg can be proud with the work done, he admitted that he deliberately left open the question of cannibals. So see, there is human flesh, or, say, a rabbit, it is impossible.

“I know what they’re preparing a lint – said pleased Nicotero. – And our viewers will soon find out. But, yes, I specifically did not give an exact interpretation of the situation and proud of it! “. 

Many critics agree that the fourth season of the show was the best in the history of its translation. Greg Nicotero also believes that the most successful episode of this season was a series of “After” («After”). In addition, he said that this episode is the best of all that he directed the “Wow, I managed to get” walking “former intrigue and action-packed.”

As for the new series, he is confident that they will be even steeper: “I just feel that this time surpassed himself. I already know what will be discussed in the fifth season, but of course, I can not dwell on it. “

Greg Nicotero, like many fans of the show, says Melissa McBride worthy of the “Emmy” for a scene in which her ​​character Carol “solve the problem” with the kooky girl: “It was the best moment of the season! I sobbed. I even had to pause and call Melissa. “I have no words! – I told her. – You’re the hell made ​​me cry”. And she told me to hang this stupid tube, watch until the end and then it ringing. Having watched this episode, I was speechless for 45 minutes! So I touched her game and how Scott Gimple prescribed it all. Melissa herself won me three hours later with the words: “Well, thank you call back”. I excuse: “You do not understand!”. I just could not say anything … “.

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, also believes that the fifth season would be“mad”, “Our writers, of course, expertly hide spoilers. They are all the time in interviews beat around the bush, and then say something, and you sit and think, “What are they all? What was that?” … But from the information that I have learned about the plot, I can tell you for sure – the new season will be absolutely kryshesnosnym! “. 

Thus, the creators of “The Walking” apparently decided to get off the “deep emotional character development” and return to the good old zombie shooter.Intrigued? The fifth season of The Walking Dead will air in October.