11.05.2015 2:13

Hackers broke APPLE WATCH

April 24 started selling the Apple Watch. The first users, followed by representatives of show business, already use the gadget as well as have access to the app store, and the opportunity to purchase the straps separately. Hackers are not sitting idly by, and one has already been substantially expand the functionality of new products Apple.


Developer Comex some effort and hacked Apple Watch, which allowed to run on smart watches the company from Cupertino does that and shows a video. Apparently, the use of a miniature screen smart watches with Google homepage is not so convenient, as we would expect.

Video shows the familiar for iOS 8 context menu, which indirectly confirms earlier on the information of dependent Watch OS, but only rebuilt version of the mobile operating system Apple, familiar to us from iPhone and iPad.

The most important in this hack is not the fact launch the browser, and the ability to run on smart watches arbitrary code. This means that soon we can see the Jailbreak for Apple Watch. However, Comex promises to share its decision, so that all stakeholders will likely have to find a way to break yourself.

Possibility Jailbreak implies not only limited functionality, which allowed the company itself, but also the potential launch virtually any application, even with the deepest level of tolerance. The main question is, whether you take someone for the work quite seriously, or it will remain a single attempt, and successful path.