Hair Loss: Causes and Treatment

Hair Loss: Causes and Treatment


Strong, thick hair is traditionally a symbol of health, youth and beauty. That’s why hair loss so often frustrates us.

Consider the most common causes of hair loss and methods of protection and treatment.

Hair loss due to sedentary lifestyles

Little people think about the fact that the blood supply to the hair roots depends on the general metabolism.
Quantity and quality of blood in the human body, leading a healthy lifestyle, not only ensures food hair follicle, but the normal operation of the scalp.

It is known that excessive production of sebum leads to accelerated hair loss, and lack – a deterioration in the quality of the hair (becomes dull and brittle).

To combat physical inactivity in this case is ideal jogging and brisk walking.

Hair loss due to an unbalanced diet

Hair for normal growth and development need vitamins A, C, B vitamins

Besides, the required magnesium, iodine, selenium, phosphorus and iron.

Under normal diet, which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, meat (beef better) hair is getting enough vitamins and minerals.

But there are some conditions that require supplementation of vitamins: pregnancy, previous diseases, chronic inflammatory processes.

Hair loss due to constant stress

Constant tension power violates the hair follicle. It is linked to a known medical fact that the nerve endings are not only a source of information but also a nutritious feed for a variety of skin structures.

Hair loss due to maltreatment.

Some types of hairstyles keep hair constantly stretched position.

Because of this, the hair roots are injured.

Timely change hairstyles and medical masks to help avoid defects.

Hair loss due to improper hair care.

Quite often, hair loss stops after replacing shampoo, gel, medical masks with more suitable for you counterparts.

The fact that the composition of these tools often include dozens of different substances like vegetable or chemical origin.

To any component of your body can respond to local inflammation. As a result – hair loss.

If you happened similar trouble, it is useful to visit an allergist.

Usually in such cases are assigned to the skin tests that accurately determine the cause

This allows you to avoid hair loss in the future.

Hair loss due to oral contraceptives

Growth and hair loss in women is directly related to the ratio of male and female hormones in the body.

Because oral contraceptives – hormonal preparations, the effect of hair loss is often observed at the start of contraception and contraceptive change in drug discontinuation. It was during this period of fluctuation in hormonal levels can cause hair loss.

If while taking contraceptives hair falls out all the time – it is necessary to consult a gynecologist-endocrinologist.

Chemotherapy, fungal infections, certain medications also cause hair loss.

In this case, it is important to cure the underlying cause of what the doctor will help the relevant specialty.