What tells a halitosis in the morning

What tells a halitosis in the morning

What tells a halitosis in the morning

If you feel after waking up in the morning with a halitosis, it should be wary. What is he saying?

If you watch the morning halitosis, try to deal with his taste. Bitter, acid or sweetness tell you which doctor should be consulted. Of course, if this phenomenon is not a one-time, and regular.

Bitterness as an unpleasant symptom halitosis

If you feel a bitter taste, it means that you can have problems with the biliary ways and liver. Possible until it just a glitch in their work, and perhaps the situation requires immediate intervention. Stones, cholecystitis – that should be ruled out, referring to a specialist. Bile, which is involved in many metabolic processes, must leave the body, performing its task. If it stagnates, it poisons the cells. What should I do in this case? Exclusively from their own menu fried and fatty meals, spicy, pickled and salted. But a diet is not a solution, so sign up as soon as possible at the reception to the gastroenterologist, do a gastroscopy and ultrasound, follow the instructions of the doctor.

Sweet – no joy?

Do not want to scare you, but the sweetness in the mouth in the morning may indicate diabetes. We remind you that this terrible disease is not only innate, but acquired as a result of bad habits and poor nutrition. Especially should be careful if the tribe you were “diabetchiki” with the experience. The first step in this case – a visit to the endocrinologist, who will direct you to the survey and analysis. And then, if the diagnosis is confirmed, prescribe treatment.

Salty mouth

If you feel the salty taste halitosis, it is possible that your body is dehydrated. Maybe you do not believe, but dehydration occurs from a lack of regular fluid intake. And every day you need to take at least one and a half liters of clean water. Contributes to the evaporation of moisture from the body of alcohol, especially wine and beer. If you feel in the morning in the mouth a bad taste salt, it may be indicative of disease of the salivary glands. Diagnose it and help cure dentist.

Drawn to sour?

Mouthfeel acid indicates that the stomach is in need of assistance. Most likely, it is a plague or gastritis with high acidity. Recommendations are very simple: a diet that excludes salty and fried foods, hike to the gastroenterologist, drugs that he would appoint. Do not get involved with soda, so as not to hurt even more.

Hydrogen sulfide

Taste of hydrogen sulfide occurs in people suffering from gastritis with low acidity. Because of this, the food is poorly digested in the stomach and spoils. Cope with this disease can help the same gastroenterologist.

Listen to your body, it is sometimes halitosis than we are!