Hamster Wheel – workplace for office protein

Hamster Wheel – workplace for office protein

Hamster Wheel - workplace for office protein

Say once again that a sedentary lifestyle is harmful, perhaps, not worth it. One can only recall that “sedentary” occupations regarded it as part of this lifestyle. It is enough to do 5-6 hours in a sitting position in the night in order to eventually cause significant damage to their health, experts believe. The worst thing in this regard is necessary for people forced to work in the office, but today, the list of occupations covered by this feature is incredibly broad. Remedy this situation rather than a simple dare American designer named Rob Godshou who created a bizarre workplace.

Decided to rectify the situation Godshou very simple. The designer decided that office employee should not sit and stand. However, to stand a long time, but still in one place will not work. Why not tell if a person has to walk slowly. Workplace Hamster Wheel – this desktop computer and office supplies, which is placed in the wheel to walk, reminiscent in its principle of the wheel that is placed in a cage for rodents. Principle of operation Hamster Wheel is simple and obvious.

It is an unusual table made of wood. If desired, you can configure the Hamster Wheel, in particular the extent to which hard-wheel reacts to force the employee. To walk in such a wheel can tirelessly for several hours, but that at the same time also to work – will have to be trained. If desired, Hamster Wheel, you can connect to the battery and then the generator will charge the battery from the rotations made by the employee. The only drawback office desk – its size, which for the average employee is unlikely to be satisfactory. However, the project to date is only conceptual, the cost of one such section is not known.

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