24.01.2014 4:15

What happed with Eurovision 2014 after a massive failure of the participating countries?

For popular Eurovision Song Contest difficult times. Before the final show in Copenhagen still nearly four months, and 12 countries have refused to participate.

The main reason – the reluctance to spend money on an impressive participation fees and the preparation of the contestant from their country. Were the first to break away miniature countries like Luxembourg and Andorra. Then to “protest” Slovakia joined with Croatia, and eventually “virus” has spread to much of Eastern Europe.

Bulgaria, citing budget cuts in 2014 and having estimated cost of preparing the participant said Eurovision last “bye-bye”. At least this year. Went to the bottom of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, and even Serbia, which usually acts in the competition very well. The same applies to Turkey, usually not regretting money on telepop show send interesting artists and often occupied by the results of the final high places. To the European Broadcasting Union was not alone, “dessert” and refused to wealthy Monaco Morocco poor thing, just to join the Euro-pop coterie.

Europe is tired of her Eurovision. Level of competition is generally low, stir contrived, biased vote. Rumors that the victory is sold, do not add too enthusiastic member countries. Especially if the country from year to year can not perform adequately. So leshego spend tons of money on dubious pop?

In Russia and most countries of the former USSR interest in Eurovision if falls, slightly. However, the activity of Russia Europe too tiring. Germany and Sweden expressed concern about our “antigeyskim” law. Concern in this case is well founded: pop contest with his fans and “suites” artists has high concentration of gay people. The representative of Sweden said that if in the future Contest held in Moscow, his country will be forced to refuse to participate: fear for their safety.

To entertain themselves somehow, alternative evrotusovka froze in anticipation of Russia’s response to contestant from Austria. And maybe contestant. In general, the Austrians decided to send to Denmark bearded singer named Conchita. And already send our channels, broadcasters letter to confirm that the Russians show transvestite in full.

Desire to send pop-freaks championship once again talking about the Eurovision crisis. Peak contest, oddly enough, came in 2009. Then in Moscow were interesting new artists and big names (Patricia Kaas, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sakis Rouvas), and money has been invested in the Russian tradition of the soul. Invested and Azerbaijan in 2012. But Western Europe prefers asceticism and periodically answerable to delight us with transvestites.

If Eurovision want a long and happy life, he will be at least less commercial. And there, staring, and talents emerge.