11.10.2014 12:53

The head of Microsoft advised women not to fight for the adjustment of wages to men, not to spoil the karma

The head of Microsoft’s Satya Nadella has caused a storm of criticism, inadvertently advised women working in the IT-industry, forget about fighting for the adjustment of their salaries with men, relying on karma.

“In fact, it is not necessary to request an enhancement. Necessary to trust the system, which will protect your rights and ensure your progress. Women who do not ask for gain, good karma, which helps them in this matter,” – quoted by MashableNadella speech on Thursday Conference on the Rights of Women in IT, which was held in Arizona.

Moderator Maria Clave event a member of the board of directors of Microsoft and leading the Harvey Mudd College, decided to argue with the speaker and gave an example from his own career. She said that working the dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Princeton, found that receives 50 thousand dollars less than it should. “Do not be such idiots, what was I” – advised Clave women who were in the audience.

After several participants expressed their activities in social networks their outrage over the statements Nadella, he was forced to come up with explanations. He wrote in Twitter , which was misunderstood about the fact that women do not need to request an enhancement. Our industry needs to get rid of the gender gap in wages, he said.

Members microblogging service indicated chapter corporation that before talking about the credibility of the system, it would be worth to evaluate the extent of the gender pay gap that exists at Microsoft, and correct the situation.He was also critical of the fact that he was asking about the credibility of the system, which is itself also created inequality.

The problem of the gender gap in the level of wages in many industries, including the IT-industry, discussed more than a year. There are diametrically opposed views on the situation, for example, some experts believe that the problem is far-fetched. Other researchers say that women are paid only $ 0.77 for every dollar earned their male counterparts.

Edition Astera citing analysts Payscale last year announced that in the technological sphere the wage gap between men and women has almost disappeared, and the problem remains no different wages, and in the work itself.

The same conclusions reached by experts Dice.com, alleging that since 2009, at the same positions, experience and level of education of men and women in the IT receive the same salary. The difference is only a few thousand dollars a year. At the same time, men and women “tend” to different positions within the industry. Thus, men are more related to software development, programming, architecture and purely technical positions, while women are more involved in project management, administration and so on. D.

Analysts explain this situation in technology (as opposed to other industries) that IT is a pure meritocracy, where the successful operation is not possible without the continued support skills at the appropriate level. It all depends on education and skills – or you have completed a project or not.

In addition, women are more inclined to the adjacent technical areas, because these positions schedule more predictable, whereas those who are engaged in architecture, programming and coding, sometimes working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is hard to reconcile with the presence of family.

In other areas, such as in medicine, the situation is more tense. In particular, in the United States, studies show that over the past 20 years, men continue to earn more than women, the difference in salary comes to 25%, writes RIA “Novosti” with reference to the Jama Internal Medicine .