In the heart of New York want to grow the size of...

In the heart of New York want to grow the size of a mushroom house


This summer, the Museum of Modern Art in New York built construction, fully assembled organic units.

Architect David Benjamin got the rights to sell in New York project Hi-Fi, which is a building consisting of cereal husks and mushrooms. “Bricks” underlying structures made โ€‹โ€‹of these two organic materials. Of these, three large built frame towers, which then make the roof of the natural reflective film.

Blocks literally grown from a mixture of husks and mycelium of the mushroom plant. This mixture was placed in a mold where it acquires a rectangular shape. Reflective tape at the top of the structure to direct sunlight will help to get organic bricks, causing them to grow rapidly.

Benjamin won the right to build a Hy-Fi in the competition for young architects. According to the rules of the contest participants had to offer building project, which could be a vacation hot summer day. This building also should not leave any garbage after dismantling and disassemble and assemble it should be very easy.

Once installation is complete, part of the organic materials will be sent to scientists for analysis, and the other – sent fertilizer or disposed of in a compost pit.