Hemlet Theradome treats hair loss at home

Hemlet Theradome treats hair loss at home

Hemlet Theradome treats hair loss at home

About 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from hair loss. One California-based company has found a solution to this problem – it has developed a helmet that stimulates hair growth cold lasers.

The manufacturer believes Theradome only such device for use at home. However, for the opportunity to regain his hair the patient will have to pay 795 dollars.

Reported that the device will not only help its wearer to grow new healthy hair, but also double the size of the remaining hair follicles and even stop hair loss, the newspaper The Daily Mail.

Now get back your lost hair can be a convenient and affordable way – said on its website.

Until that time, cold laser therapy has been used only in specialized clinics. Theradome allows you to experience all the benefits of this technology at home. High-performance cold lasers virtually no heat, lighting scalp maximum amount of light.

Theradome uses 80 lasers to reach 582 from 720 square centimeters square head of the average person. One session lasts 20 minutes. Just requires two sessions per week. The course lasts for 50 weeks.

During the first 18-24 weeks of regular use Theradome stops hair loss. After 28 weeks of renewed hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles, strengthening microstimulation and improving cellular metabolism. Regular use of a helmet for 50 weeks, as the manufacturer promises to increase the thickness and length of hair, reduce itching and inflammation. Hair color will be more.

Helmet developed Tamim Hamid, a former scientist with NASA, and now founder and CEO Theradome. The idea of ​​developing an anti-baldness appeared when the researcher began to lose hair at the age of 32 years.

According to Hamid, laser helmet can be used along with other tools for hair restoration , and after chemotherapy.