Hennessey Venom speed record in detail

Hennessey Venom speed record in detail


Top Gear can attest: Hennessey Venom developed a top speed of 435.5 km / h – the highest rate in history, shown in a production car.

1244-hp Venom showed such remarkable speed in the hands of test pilot Brian Smith on Valentine’s Day on February 14. Track speed record for served runway for Space Shuttle at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral that. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport overthrown! The same that was overclocked to 434.3 km / h on the test track in Ehra-Lessin 2010.


We already have a gorgeous video superzaezda Hennessey Venom on the runway, but it must be supplemented by the amazing figures. According to official figures, Venom clocked from 20 to 120 miles per hour (in our opinion, with 32 km / h to 193 km / h) in just 7.71 seconds, showing the acceleration maximum load of 1,2 g! Perhaps even more impressed by the following figure: acceleration from 193 km / h to 354 km / h Venom took less than 10 seconds. This extraordinary acceleration!

“At the end of the straight the car began to scour a bit. But hell, it’s 435 km / h! – Says former test engineer tires Michelin. – A Venom still pulls. If we had a 13-mile oval, we could be even faster … “I was a record for Venom available only 5 km long straight, and Era-Lessin 8-kilometer high-speed straight ends banking. Strip for the shuttle ends grass and ditch …

This means that Brian Smith after clocking up 435.5 km / h will be pressure on the brake like crazy. It was. Venom speed dropped to 112 km / h in just a kilometer! It may seem that it is hell of a lot, but just imagine that the car flew up to 120 meters of every second!


But the guys from Guinness did not fix the record. They need two runs in opposite directions. Let this be a problem of Guinness. For us Hennessey Venom clearly the fastest. In 2010, the Veyron Super Sport showed 428 km / h on arrival against the wind and 434.3 km / h wind. None of these values ​​does not exceed 435.5 km / h Venom. So why Hennessey failed to make the race in the opposite direction? NASA officials blame.

“We wanted to travel in both directions, but the guys from NASA we were not allowed – said company boss John Hennessy. – To get to NASA easy. It took two years. But the wind and so we did not help. Morning was relatively calm – crosswind only 1.5 m / s.”

As Brian Smith, John Hennessy believes that Venom could be even faster on the long straight. “Given that even at maximum speed Venom still revved up to 1.6 km / h every second, I believe that the car could do 440 km / h Maybe 450 …”