10.06.2014 10:35

He’s cheating on you 7 basic attributes

If you have suspicions that your boyfriend does not store loyalty, there are several ways to dispel suspicions survivable … Or make them justice, unfortunately. Therefore, before deciding, think about whether you want to know the truth. After all, she can not please you …

But as already decided, here’s what we recommend to pay attention:

– His phone.

Traitors usually always keep cell phone on hand and do not part with him. So just follow, how often he comes SMSes and if he removes them immediately. Well and if lucky enough to take over and the phone itself, look for contacts, where in the name of only numbers or any initials. Well and SMSes necessarily glance.

– Unexpected gifts.

If they suddenly started pouring in abundance, but earlier he was not inclined to this, reflect. Maybe he feels guilty in front of you, and so is trying to appease their conscience.

– The sudden interest in their appearance.

Think if he suddenly decided, for no reason at all to change the haircut, cologne or abruptly began to lose weight or to go into the hall. Quite possibly, the reason is not the desire to be attractive to you.

– Changes in the bedroom.

It can suddenly become passionate or more, or vice versa – to cool off you completely. Also usually avoid apostate spiritual intimacy during sex, such as kissing or foreplay. In addition, he will cease to intimate conversations, not to betray their secrets, and will reduce your communication to general, superficial topics.

– He does not tell about his life.

He is afraid of “slept” on the details, so it can briefly peresskazat how his day, but no more. If you start asking questions, he can accuse you of paranoid jealousy.

– He often hangs up.

Do not immediately start to suspect if he was to return home later – it may be associated with the work. But if at the same time he still can not be reached – most likely, he just does not want you to know where and, more importantly, with whom he is at this moment.

– He began to criticize you stronger.

Usually apostate subconsciously think that if shift the focus from him to you, he will be less likely to get caught. So if he became more aggressive towards you – there is something obviously not clean.