03.11.2014 8:44

HP introduced a desktop computer Hewlett Packard without a mouse and keyboard

The new computer name is Sprout PC, was introduced by Hewlett Packard. A distinctive feature of new items from HP was that it did not have the usual means of entering information. This restriction, however, does not narrow the functional PC, and even vice versa.

It is immediately noted that the newcomer Sprout PC Hewlett Packard – this is an ordinary desktop computer, stuffed obscenely most modern “iron”. Works on new class processor Intel i7, the seventh generation. PC hard drive has a comparatively large amount of one terabyte, and runs all the splendor of modern operating system Windows 8.1.

HP introduced a desktop computer Hewlett Packard without a mouse and keyboard

Instead of a mouse and keyboard at Sprout PC Hewlett Packard have a 23-inch touchscreen display, and a special touch panel, which serves as the primary input device. The same panel can be used as a scanner image. The computer is also equipped with a multi-purpose system RealSense 3D, and on his monitor has a 14.6-megapixel camera.

Innovative input panel opens to the user additional features. Armed with the stylus, you can easily and comfortably draw on Sprout PC. Also, the input panel easier to work with 3D modeling and image. Ultimately Sprout PC – a great computer for home and office, focused on the performance of any work.

Appear on sale Sprout PC must in the next month. The cost of the computer still is not known. As for the design, the brand new Sprout PC, officials said HP Hewlett Packard, will be available in several design options and color casing. Also, the computer will set the set of licensing programs for working with music and graphics.