10.10.2014 9:43

High school student repeated the trick Rufer Mustang – she climbed to the height and set the flag of Ukraine

While Ukraine Rufer Paul Ushevets known as Mustang Wanted, develops nominal gun, which hegave Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, his “feat”, as they say in Kiev, repeated 11th grade pupil. However, this time the ceiling was not in Moscow, and right next to the Independence Square – Khreshchatyk Street.

Video that can be seen as a high school student, took the steeple 85-meter building, photographing herself in the background of the flag of Ukraine, publishes TSN . Name schoolgirl is not called. Has it been delayed, is not specified.

Fourteen-storey building, which climbed to a girl, is located at Khreshchatyk Street, Building 25 It was built in 1954. Sometimes it is as the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, or building the Academy of Sciences of Latvia in Riga, ranked among the Seven Sisters – the so-called seven high-rise buildings in Moscow.

On one of them, which is located on the coast waterfront in late August climbed Ushevets.According to him , he painted the night star spire in the yellow-blue color and set the flag of Ukraine. At the same time, Russian law enforcement agencies in the criminal case of “desecration” of skyscrapers detained several Russians and Ukrainians announced an international search. However, in Kiev, said that the issue will not be Ushevtsa.

Four suspects are now under house arrest. These are young people who, as they say in the morning climbed to the height to jump with her parachute. Their actions citizens explained love for extreme sports. Two other suspects – Russian Kirill Ecumenical Rufer (Ishutin) and Vladimir Podrezov – are in jail. The first of them during searches found drugs.

In this ecumenical admitted that together with Mustang bought cans of paint, which was colored star. Rufer also said that on the night on the roof were undercut and a girl named Angel. Last previously said that during the campaign, recognized by the Russian law enforcers vandalism and hooliganism, was in another city. However, she confirmed that he Ishutin to paint the stars involved.About Angels detention were reported.

In high-rise Tinkers then there was another incident. In the single day of voting on September 15 in building housed one of the polling stations, which was joined by several young girls. Bared breasts, painted in the colors of Ukrainian flag, they started shouting “Glory to Ukraine!”. Subsequently, the court blockedfined .