As hiking and stay alive

As hiking and stay alive

As hiking and stay alive

Anyone who has ever been to a camping trip, will never be able to get rid of this culture.Anyone who has not done this, dreams get out into nature with tents and backpacks.However, not always hiking consist of gatherings around the campfire and beautiful views. Sometimes it can be associated with these dangers, especially if you are going in quite remote places. In this article you will find a list of the actions that you need to take so that your trip was as safe as possible.

Bring along everything you need

If you think that this paragraph applies only to beginners who do not know how to put together a backpack, then you are sadly mistaken. Even seasoned travelers sometimes make the mistake, forgetting to put in a backpack or that thing, or relying on a friend who “kind of had to take the torch.”

Therefore, before each trip, make a simple list on paper consisting of 10 items:

  1. Clothing.
  2. Sun protection (sunglasses, a cream, a hat).
  3. First aid kit.
  4. Fire.
  5. Tools and materials for repair (tape, thread, needles, nylon cord, glue).
  6. Navigation tools (map, compass, GPS).
  7. Lighting.
  8. Food.
  9. Holiday Supplies (sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent or tent).
  10. Water.

Do not leave home as long as this list will not be blotted out all the items.

Find out your route

Many tourists, especially coming off a few times already in hiking, feel extremely confident in their abilities and do not worry too much about the details of the way forward.All the questions they wave their hands dismissively and replied that “in the process, we shall understand.” But in vain, because sometimes there are situations where such confidence brings trouble.

As hiking and stay alive

Before the campaign it is imperative to find out more details about the upcoming terrain.Read the manuals, study maps, get reports of previous travelers. Particular attention should be paid to the weather, local animals and the availability of water sources.

Dress properly

It’s incredible, but not less than half of accidents in hiking tours do not take place due to wild animals or landslides, but because of the wrong clothes participants. This is especially true of the mountains, where the same day you can get sunstroke and freeze.It is therefore very careful approach to the selection of clothing and never rely on good weather.

Leave information about your travel route

In our time, when it is possible in a second call to any person and obtain any information that advice many overlook. It is very possible that in the campaign you will have no connection, runs the battery or even stolen phone. And it is at this point the law of meanness and happens all the worst. Therefore, before you leave home, leave a message about your travel route and estimated time of return of at least two trusted people. Even better, if it will be a detailed track of your hike.

Know your limits and possibilities

You and only you know what your body is capable of. There is nothing worse for you and your group, if you misjudge it and at some point you feel that “everything, I can not, take-me-back!” Therefore it is necessary before entering the house accurately assess the expected rate of movement, physical condition – his and other participants, the difficulty of the route. It is necessary first of all to remember that hiking – it’s still vacation, and not a fight for survival.

Take care of the water!

The most unpleasant and unfortunately frequent camping trips – this lack of attention to the water. We are so accustomed that the tap is always clean and clear water, that this reflex urban dwellers completely atrophied. Particularly important when water gets heat and considerable physical exertion, when dehydration occurs in a matter of hours.Therefore, you must first be sure to find out about all the sources of water on the route and calculate the rate of its movement to take them into account. Think also of a sufficient number of bottles or jars.

As hiking and stay alive

Notify animals of their presence

On the planet there are not many places where animals pose a real threat, especially if you stick to well-known tourist destinations. However, all discounted this risk is not worth it. Especially if you decide to go really wild jungle.

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences encounters with wild animals, to remember only one rule: no animal more dangerous man. All the inhabitants of the steppes, forests and rivers perfectly knows about it and try not to get yourself out of your sight. So try to talk a little more, sing and make noise to let everyone know about his presence. Usually, you give way and try not to catch the eye.

Do not give up!

If you are traveling in a group, then in any case, can not leave anyone behind, or, conversely, to go far ahead. If one of the participants is tired and can not stand the pace, then wait for it; if he can not continue the way, do not leave your companion until until it is in a safe place. Try to stick together and do not diverge in the hand, even if it seems to you that it is safe.

We have given only the most important and undeniable security measures that must be followed in order to make your stay a pleasant and calm. Fill this list with their advice and travel stories, and do not forget to share this article with all your friends, who walk or are just going to go camping.