15.04.2014 11:39

A new history of human evolution

Man is just a little more perfect monkey – says author

British evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar extremely neatly leads argument about the origin of the human species. Despite the title, however, does not make the occasion any scientific revolution. Instead wonders what distinguishes Homo sapiens from their closest ape cousins. From our ability of understanding the abstract, while other apes deal only with the concrete? What happened to our ancestors – Homo erectus species?

And finally – what is the common expansion of homo sapiens with the sudden disappearance of the Neanderthals?

This fact is – as noted by Dunbar – the suspect, if we consider that this extraordinarily effective evolutionary race inhabited Europe from the Iberian Peninsula in the west to the Uzbekistan and Iran to the east by the greater part of 300 thousand. years – a bit longer than we moderns, yet even exist!

Well, we’re just a little more perfect monkey – concludes the Briton, while indicating the situations in which evolution could not cope with us a little better. Describes why in the name of bipedalism, our ancestors had to give up walking on trees and causing the birth of a child is the mother of Homo sapiens so painful.

The book was published by the Copernicus Center Press.