Get hooked on wheels

Get hooked on wheels


Velosezon open. We chose 5 bicycle accessories with which it does not want to get off.

If you think scooters are not for self-respecting men, and remained faithful to the classics (bike) – it is for you we have picked up the most interesting accessories that can be hung, to build, to attach to your old two-wheeled companion.


Always dreamed of a bike, like in the movie “Tron”? Now you have the opportunity to do so from his bicycle. Revolights – multicolored LED-rings recessed in the wheel. And it’s not only beautiful, but also convenient: because you get full coverage of 360° and accurately without asking anyone.

If you and this is not enough: you could just buy a fluorescent bike from these guys – it shines not only the wheels.


Case for 6 bottles of beer – this summer irreplaceable thing. And is useful for a picnic with friends, and for a long bike ride out of town, and just for a trip to the store. In the end, with a reserve you can safely go in their own Tour de France in New York.

If you have a lot of friends or the Tour de France is planned even outside of New York, fit such a device here:


Sooner or later there will be a joyful moment when you want to open a beer that you drove through half of the city. Certainly, there are a thousand and one ways to open a bottle, but that’s an option as to make it easier and more elegant – find similar embedded opener.


If you have not yet accumulated on Laksheri SUV but want to roll (literally) to the girl – is the best way. Give her a flower and let ponazhimat your call.


Become a party on wheels – place the speakers on your bike. We strongly endorse the people opening the windows of their cars and listening Vitya AK or Grisha Leps at full volume, but the bike – that’s another matter. Feel free to plug Dorn or someone you love there – and raduy people around. Do not be shy.