How to correctly conserve battery power

How to correctly conserve battery power

How to correctly conserve battery power

In today’s world, we use gadgets every day – all day and night do not issue from the hands of your favorite smartphones and tablets. How to correctly conserve battery power? Therefore, each active user of portable equipment faced with the problem of rapid battery discharge. Soup is often necessary to be charged by the lunch break, and both want the device to work the full day without recharging.

In this article, we have prepared useful tips for saving battery charge your devices, let’s understand in more detail, let’s go!

The reasons for the rapid discharge of the battery

Charge flow rate depends on many processes taking place in the device, and external factors such as temperature conditions.
How to correctly conserve battery power

For example, the larger the diagonal and resolution of the display, the brighter the lights set up – the battery sits down quickly. Included communication modules such as GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. – Also consume power. A lot of running applications, such as games, browser, instant messengers – are forced to work actively processor and memory devices, and those, in turn, consume battery power.

How to correctly conserve battery power? Also on the battery discharge rate and temperature may affect the mode in which the device is used. For example, in the bitter cold, almost all modern batteries freeze. The system defines the device as a frozen battery discharged on and off the device.

How to avoid freezing device when using the winter – can be found in a separate article, but now we will look at ways to reduce the energy consumption of the gadget that will be relevant at any time of the year.

Energy Saving methods – How to correctly conserve battery power?

Methods of optimizing battery consumption are quite simple and obvious, but many people ignore a number of actions that leads to sad “to zero” quick battery.

How to correctly conserve battery power

The most common and relevant battery consumption optimization methods include:

Now almost all smartphones and tablets are equipped with a light sensor that can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen.Many owners of gadgets refuse from its use and the brightness set to maximum, but in vain – the higher the brightness, the faster the battery will sit down, especially when active use device. So tip number one – using the automatic backlight adjustment, it will reduce the power consumption. If your device belongs to the legacy devices and it does not have an ambient light sensor – we recommend you to manually adjust the backlight for comfortable use but does not set the maximum brightness.

  • Disabling unused communication modules.

If you’re on the go, and Wi-Fi network is not available – turn on Wi-Fi to save battery life. The same rule applies to all communication modules of your devices – Bluetooth, GPS, etc. Not used – means disable. a GSM module is worth leave (aka 3G / 4G modem) – Yet mobile telephony and Internet access you will probably need. But if you’re on a plane or train and you will be a long journey, we recommend that you turn off and the GSM module. By the way, to quickly turn off all communication modules at once in any modern device has a special software switch called “flight mode”, and many users forget this handy option.

  • Stop background applications.

All modern gadgets, regardless of the manufacturer and operating system are multi-tasking mode. How to correctly conserve battery power? When you run multiple applications in a row – they continue to run in the background, allowing you to instantly switch between programs without having to restart the download and the expectations of a particular application. Of course, it is convenient, but a large number of processes in the background creates a burden on the memory and the processor, which significantly consume battery power. Therefore, we recommend that you periodically check the multitasking mode and manually close the unused at the moment application. In the case of Android OS, you can use the built-in Task Killer (application for immediate completion of all multitasking processes), or if Task Killer not preinstalled, you can download a similar program from Play Market. In the case of Apple’s iOS applications have to be closed manually one by one.

  • Protection devices from severe temperature change.

Avoid excessive cooling or overheating of your device. Strong temperature fluctuations can not only quickly defuse device battery, but also fully display the gadget down. In the case of the freezing device, when you find yourself in a warm, do not just put the device to charge, because it can harm the battery. Wait for gadget warms up to room temperature in a warm room, this process will not take more than 10-15 minutes. You also need to act in the case of the overheating device – do not connect the charger while the gadget is not cool.During charging, the device heats up and so, as a strong overheating may damage the battery or even spontaneous combustion.

  • The use of external batteries.

These days have become very popular portable external batteries, and this popularity is justified. A small unit the size of a smartphone is capable of charging virtually any gadget from zero to 100%. In conjunction with voice, boards use an external battery will allow you to do without recharging from the mains to a few days, which is especially important when you’re away from an outlet.

To summarize

Presented energy saving methods will allow you to extend the period of operation of the device on a single charge. Of course, time will not be increased in two or three times, but it will be as close to that claimed by the manufacturer. How to correctly conserve battery power? Following voiced methods, you can guarantee yourself increasing the autonomy of devices and probably will be satisfied with the result.