How to easy speed up your PC

How to easy speed up your PC

How to easy speed up your PC - The New and Best Simple Tips

Every day we use computers. We use them for work in the office, business trips, and at home – for entertainment and communication. Naturally, our PCs and laptops periodically faced with a much more severe stress. How to easy speed up your PC? Kind of photo editing, video editing, or passing game.

The consequences of such loads are clutter and tangible system “brake”. Sometimes it happens that completely fresh computer starts to slow down after a couple of weeks after purchase. Of course, the situation is unpleasant and familiar to many, but correctable.

What are the causes of these problems lie and how to get rid of them – the experts will tell you to know how to let’s go!

Why computer slows –¬†How to easy speed up your PC?
How to easy speed up your PC - The New and Best Simple TipsIf you do not take into account the possible technical problems “iron” and infecting virus software system, the most common causes of the “loose” in the work of the PC are as follows:

  • You installed a large number of programs and the “beat” all the free space on the hard disk where Windows is installed. Because of this significantly slowed down the workload and the operating system.
  • Due to frequent work with large files (write, copy, delete, etc.) slow down the hard drive.
  • You install and uninstall a lot of programs. As a result of these actions has accumulated “garbage heap”, which slows down the system.

Improving the operation of the system

How to easy speed up your PC? Helping to improve the operation of the system are designed special tools on Windows. And optimizers program for Windows cleaning and increase its speed.

It includes system utilities such as the “Add or Remove Programs”, “Defragment your hard drive”, “System Restore”, “Disk Cleanup”, “Resource Monitor”, etc. Unfortunately not many people know of their existence, and even less aware of how to use these tools.

Program-optimizers from third-party developers are often more easy to learn and then use than the standard Windows OS tools, as They have a friendly intuitive interface. This allows even inexperienced users to quickly understand the basic features of the program and get started.

Many of these programs are distributed for free, but often such copies have disabilities. This is done in order to get acquainted with the basic functions before the user decides – whether he needs this program and make a purchase the full version.

Popular programs

On the internet, you can find a great variety of different programs, both universal and specialized. In order not to get lost in this variety, we have prepared for you a detailed description of the two most popular “cleaners”, which have universal capabilities and have high work efficiency.

The first widely known program – CCleaner. This program has both paid and free version, the latter is suitable for most users. The program searches for and removes various “junk” out of the system – deletes the files in the basket, temporary files, logs irrelevant data, residual files from deleted programs, clears the buffer exchange, etc.

How to easy speed up your PC - The New and Best Simple Tips

The interface of the program – Cleaning, Registry Services, and Settings.

Tab “Cleaning” is responsible for finding and deleting unnecessary files. On the left is a list in which the points can be selected sections to scan and clean.

How to easy speed up your PC - The New and Best Simple Tips

In the tab “Register” you can spend a system scan for the presence of “garbage” that remains after you install and remove programs, regular Windows tools.

In the “Tools” tab is a list of all installed applications. Her feature – the correct removal program that does not leave “garbage” in the system. Be careful – to delete the selected program you need to click “Uninstall” instead of “delete.”

The next program in the list – Wise Disk Cleaner, is also very popular and is available for free download. The program carries out a hard disk defragmentation, which helps to speed up its work. Also, the utility is able to clean the system from unnecessary data, temporary files and other “garbage” that inevitably accumulates during active operation.

How to easy speed up your PC - The New and Best Simple Tips

The program interface is as simple and intuitive, so you can master the control of a few minutes. Upstairs are 5 tabs – “Quick Erase”, “Deep cleaning”, “cleaning system”, “Defragment” and “assistant”.

How to easy speed up your PC - The New and Best Simple Tips

Quick Clean” carries out high-speed scans and cleans the system “garbage”. “Deep cleaning” allows you to choose the hard drives (if more than one), and certain parts of them.

“Clearing System” removes unnecessary files from the hidden folders of Windows.

“Defrag” is responsible for the acceleration of the hard drive, putting things in order to place the files.


Do not forget that absolutely any PC or laptop requires careful care, not only for the technical part but also the operating system state. If you use special programs to be cleaned regularly and system optimization work – you will be able to reduce the “brake” to a minimum or even completely get rid of them.

How to easy speed up your PC? It should be noted that the use of such programs requires a certain knowledge, understanding how they work and apply skills, otherwise – on the contrary, you can make the situation worse. Our specialists will carry out all necessary operations to improve system performance.