HTC Desire 620G Review budget smartphone

HTC Desire 620G Review budget smartphone

HTC Desire 620G Review budget smartphone
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The lineup of HTC looks modest in comparison with other well-known manufacturers. There quite a few units from the lower price category. These smart phones if they go – it is rare, most of the Desire series belongs to the middle segment. One of the few inexpensive devices with decent features is HTC Desire 620G. However, the budget he did not so long ago: if now you can buy for $ 130 at the beginning of the sales he asked for more than 200.

Smartphone presented in December 2015 and is revered by the standards of the mobile device age. However, the level of hardware it can not be considered obsolete, many budget-2016 is not yet mature enough to him. HTC Desire 620G review will determine whether the smartphone is now worthy of attention, as well as to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Specifications HTC Desire 620G put the smartphone on a par with the new low-end phones of Chinese origin. The better or worse than the hero of their review – details below.

HTC Desire 620G Review budget smartphone

HTC Desire 620G: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

The smartphone is made in a plastic case with rounded forms. There are three variants of white and two colors – gray. Its design echoes the flagship series of One M, but the device looks more modest. The dimensions of the smartphone – 15h7.27 cm, thickness – 9.6 mm. It weighs 160 grams device. And the thickness and weight seem slightly excessive compared to the screen size.

The front panel contains a proprietary insertion typical for HTC. On the bottom is placed a multimedia speaker on the top – Elementary. Next to it is the front camera and light / proximity sensors.

Touch buttons under the display not, although free area suggests that it is illogical – to take away part of the display, with unactuated space underneath.

HTC Desire 620G Review budget smartphone

The back panel is removable, it is in the form of a monolithic “bath.” It is nothing but the camera and logo products. The left side wall is empty, the right are the volume keys and power management. The headphone jack is located at the top, MicroUSB – at the bottom.

HTC Desire 620G: CPU

The smartphone is set once a top chipset MediaTek MT6592 – the first “real” vosmiyadernik. All of its kernel (ARM Cortex A7) are collected in one cluster, and can operate simultaneously. The clock speed of any core can reach 1.7GHz. This chipset has made one of the most powerful in 2014. As of September 2016 the possibility of the chipset is not impressive and consistent with the budget class.

For 3D processing meets GPU Mali 450 MP4. It is suitable for the Games in 2016, but many of them will only play at low quality settings. The synthetic test AnTuTu 6 device is gaining about 35 thousand points.

HTC Desire 620G Review budget smartphone

HTC Desire 620G: Memory

Volume HTC Desire 620G RAM is 1 GB, the type – LPDDR3. This is now sufficient for normal everyday tasks, but not enough for gaming. It can not have enough RAM, and those who used to frequently switch between applications, keep in the background a dozen open programs. At the undemanding user memory deficit hardly be manifested.

The internal memory on your smartphone 8 GB are available about 4. Not only, but the situation makes a separate MicroSD slot that supports storage up to 32GB.

HTC Desire 620G: Battery

Battery capacity (which is removable) smartphone is 2100 mAh, which is quite a bit. HTC Desire 620G Battery life is mediocre, demanding games discharge the battery for 3.5 hours. Watch streaming video can be about 5 hours of web surfing mode smartphone will last hours 7. To put it on charge every night will have on anyone. From the native memory, this process takes about 2 hours.

HTC Desire 620G: Cameras

The smartphone is equipped with 8-megapixel camera with autofocus and a single flash. Optics Aperture – f / 2.4. The quality of shooting in daytime pretty good, but only if you look at the screen. Increasing the image in the monitor makes noticeable blur and noise. In the evening, they become even greater. In comparison with the competitors camera shows a similar level of quality, but some models lose.

HTC Desire 620G Review budget smartphone

Front camera smartphone has a resolution of 5 MP and is of high quality pictures produced. Video unit records in FullHD resolution, with 30 FPS. Rollers are written in 3gp format, so neither of which high quality is also out of the question.

HTC Desire 620G: Screen

The smartphone is equipped with a display Super LCD with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels and a diagonal of 5 “The viewing angles can be called a perfect brightness -. Good, and the color temperature is close to the ideal Touchscreen executed by OGS technology covered oleophobic coated medium quality, but supports only 2 simultaneous pressing. .

HTC Desire 620G: Communications

Slots for two simok a smartphone, both have a Micro format. The phone supports all GSM and 3G European networks, but no LTE (32-bit modems MTK chipset compatible with 4G). Wi-Fi networks operating in 802.11b, g, n, in the range of 2.4 GHz. Bluetooth version 4.0 with support for energy-efficient data transfer mode. Navigation is done via GPS and GLONASS satellites.

HTC Desire 620G: Sound

The device is equipped with loud speakers located on the front panel. Its location is quite good, as the grille is not covered either in the hand or on the table. The sound is loud and clear, even a hint of bass. As for state – the sound quality is good, but to the “elder brothers” from the series One does not hold. The situation is worse with headphones, the unit sounds the same as the Chinese and budgetary device.

HTC Desire 620G: Operating system

As the smartphone OS is installed Android 4.4.2, with a few changes. Sense shell only slightly modifies the interface as a whole it is close to stock Android. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has “forgotten” about users upgrade to the current version there is no system. There are a fresh alternative firmware based Cyanogen, Huawei Emotion UI, and even MIUI8 from Xiaomi, but stable operation is no guarantee.

The abundance of colors of one color is due to the fact that they differ in color auxiliary members. The lid itself – gray or white, but the bezel of the display and the camera is different. This is achieved by slightly unusual (discreet but stylish) type device.

Pros and Cons HTC Desire 620G


  • Fast processor;
  • Good screen;
  • High-quality sound;
  • Decent design.


  • Out of memory;
  • No LTE;
  • Big sizes;
  • Mediocre autonomy;
  • Outdated OS.

For whom this smartphone

In 2016, to compete with the new state employees HTC Desire 620G is very difficult. It will appeal to undemanding users who do not need megapixels, gigabytes, and a large autonomy, but the matter of sound quality of the speaker and the screen design. Despite the plastic body, the smartphone is ideal for those who are tired of the same type of boxes. Not like the HTC Desire 620G is the owners of small palms. After all, it is comparable to the size of PHABLET 5.5 “(same Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 has a similar height, but 3 mm wider and thinner than 1 mm).

Our review HTC Desire 620G

At the time of HTC Desire 620G exit it was quite nice and competitive. However, at the time of writing – a smartphone does not look a favorite. He has a modest amount of memory (for the money you can find and 2/16 GB RAM / ROM), poor camera (Meizu M3 takes better), low battery (in Xiaomi Redmi 3 – 4000 mAh) and there is no 4G. The device is intentionally compared with the “Chinese” as a quality user support – this is not about HTC Desire 620G.

In fairness, it should be noted that in the context of products from non-Chinese brands (eg, Samsung J3 or Asus ZenFone Go) smartphone does not look outsider. But with these devices unless it unites the quality of materials and assembly, is no longer a purely property known companies products. Ergonomics – not the strongest side of HTC, is one level lower than that of the same Samsung.

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