HTC Desire 820G Dual Sim review: bugdet smartphone with an emphasis on...

HTC Desire 820G Dual Sim review: bugdet smartphone with an emphasis on sound

HTC Desire 820G Dual Sim review: bugdet smartphone with an emphasis on sound

HTC Desire 820G 2015 model year is a simplified version of the HTC Desire 820. Although more modest performance, the model has got the design of its predecessor. It is believed that marked 820G Plus – is a more recent version of the conventional 820G. In fact, no technical or visual differences were observed between them. Here is such a mess. However, what is there to wonder: HTC has a long period of churning out the same type of device. They have virtually identical design, and the filling is approximately at the same level.

The minimum cost of a smartphone is 161 USD. The indicated price current at the time of the review. It is possible that the smartphone will interest fans of HTC products, as well as fans watch video and play. And all thanks to the big screen, as well as two speakers with improved sound technology. Given the price category, it is difficult to allocate even any features of this device.

The device has a predominantly average person filling.

HTC Desire 820G: Design

Smartphone housing is made of plastic, it has a folding design. Depending on the color, the back part may be glossy or matt. For example, in white body is glossy, more easily soiled and slippery.

The black plastic has a matte version. For lovers of bright design manufacturer has added options of blue, as well as the red border. In any of the options panel is dirty, actively collecting fingerprints.

HTC Desire 820G Dual Sim review: bugdet smartphone with an emphasis on sound

The front panel LED can detect events. It is impossible to ignore the situation with huge frames near the screen, especially the top and bottom. The display itself is rather big, and then there was such a framework, however, many of the body seems too big. By the way, about the dimensions: 157.7 x 78.74 x 7.74 mm. It weighs 154.5 g

The left side of the casing occupied the power button and volume control. On the opposite side of the plug can be detected. Beneath it hides the slot 3: 2, under the SIM card, and one for MicroSD memory. The headphone jack 3.5 mm is placed on the upper end, and connector for charging / synchronization – on the bottom. On the back panel, clearly visible eye of the camera: it acts of a few mm body that is not good.

HTC Desire 820G: CPU

HTC Desire 820G is not the owner of prohibitively powerful hardware. But put on the blades of any ultrabyudzhetnika thanks to 8-core Mediatek MT6592. This has long been not the first freshness processor (released in 2013), but its core Cortex-A7 have a frequency of 1.7 GHz. A graphics processing 4-core chip Mali-450MP4. With the hardware unit receives more than 32 thousand. Points in Antutu.

HTC Desire 820G Dual Sim review: bugdet smartphone with an emphasis on sound

The owners of this smartphone will not have to complain about the lack of performance. Internet surfing, navigation problems viewing media – it is not a problem for the 820G. It copes with 3D games. It is clear that the most demanding projects will be launched with a simplified graphics, to ensure a stable game.

HTC Desire 820G: Memory

1 GB of RAM is enough for a comfortable interaction with devices that are equipped with even weaker iron. Consequently, in this smartphone performance problems are not observed. Of course, everything should be in moderation: the device can not cache the browser with twenty tabs, along with two running 3D-games.

A 16 GB of internal memory available to the user is about 10 GB. If you come from the mind to the issue of software installation, then this volume should be enough for a solid set of familiar programs, and games. People with more severe requirements for free space are able to establish a MicroSD removable storage, up to 32GB.

HTC Desire 820G: Autonomy

The battery provides battery life, has a capacity of 2600 mAh. In moderate operation of the gadget it will work day on a single charge, or even a half. Intensive load (continuous video viewing, active Internet surfing, running demanding 3D games) significantly reduce this time.

HTC Desire 820G Dual Sim review: bugdet smartphone with an emphasis on sound

HTC Desire 820G: Camera

To capture photos and videos, you can use basic 13-megapixel camera. It is supplemented by a flash, autofocus, aperture is set to f / 2.2. camera application interface is not modified, the standard for Android Kitkata. Initially, the settings exposed resolution of 8 megapixels, and it confuses many users. To take pictures with a resolution of 13 megapixels, you need to set the aspect ratio of 4: 3.

We can not say that the camera shoots bad. But to expect from HTC Desire 820G stunning images is not worth it. Acceptable results can be achieved under ideal lighting conditions. One can use the mode HDR, dynamic range, if necessary. In principle, undemanding users will be satisfied with the quality of captured landscapes and memorable events.

HTC Desire 820G Dual Sim review: bugdet smartphone with an emphasis on sound
Photo HTC Desire 820G

The maximum available resolution of the recorded videos – FullHD, 30 frames / sec. The front camera has a sensor 8 megapixels, and the ability to record 1080p video. Shooting Quality tolerable.

HTC Desire 820G: Display

The HTC Desire 820G is set IPS display diagonal of 5.5 inches. He received HD resolution (1280 x 720), and has a pixel density of 267 ppi. Perhaps someone thinks no FullHD – lack, and someone even pays any attention. The fact that the quality of the resulting images are more than acceptable. Colour rendition, contrast, brightness, viewing angles – all of these indicators at a very decent level.

HTC Desire 820G Dual Sim review: bugdet smartphone with an emphasis on sound
Photo HTC Desire 820G

And yes, the individual pixels are visible. But only if you deliberately stare at close range. Touch screen supports 5 simultaneous touches maximum.

HTC Desire 820G: Networking opportunities

Access to the mobile network is carried out by means of 2G and 3G communications standards. The device is not designed to work in 4G networks. As a standard wireless interfaces perform single-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. Satellite navigation can work with the support of GPS (with A-GPS). We were pleased with the ability to connect external USB peripherals: microUSB 2.0 connector received support OTG.

HTC Desire 820G: Sound

The sound component – probably the best there is in this smartphone. A pair of multimedia speakers are located on the front panel, and the sound will always be directed towards the user. In addition, the speakers are loud enough, pure sound. According to the manufacturer, the direct merit BoomSound technology.

HTC Desire 820G: software part

The operating system uses “old» Android 4.4.2, with built-in shell from HTC – Sense UI 6.0. To shell no complaints: it is slightly modifies and supplements the normal functionality of the system. At the same time, it does not load the operating system plus software, and the interface is quick and responsive. But the obsolete version of Android – it is a huge fly in the ointment in this smartphone.

Hundreds of people visit the specialized forums in the hope of receiving good news about the possibility of updating … But all in vain, it will not, the manufacturer updates mainly flagship model, and then, at a stretch. However, for the 820G owners have good news: recently enthusiasts ported to the smartphone firmware MIUI8. Naturally, for the installation of the consequences of their own users are responsible, moreover, is not an official firmware.

HTC Desire 820G: Individual characteristics

These include 2 multimedia speaker on the front panel, and BoomSound technology at the same time.

Pros and Cons HTC Desire 820g


  • Available slots for SIM-cards and external drive, despite the folding design;
  • The convenient location and good sound multimedia speakers.


  • Stale version of the OS;
  • No 4G support;
  • The huge frame, the screen is just 67.2% of the front panel.

To whom fit HTC Desire 820G

HTC 820G + can be recommended for people who make on a device the following requirements: a large screen suitable opportunities for the consumption of multimedia content, belonging to well-known manufacturers.

Our review HTC Desire 820g

Smartphone does not stand out from the crowd something fundamentally interesting and special. It has a sufficient level of performance, pleasing sound quality, and other characteristics like normal. It is sad that the company does not care about the relevance of the software (in 2015 it was possible to easily install Android 5.1). Perhaps someone this fact will not be confused, and indeed, reveal a little secret: not all users know which version of the OS is on their smartphone.