Idea of building a “gay village” in the Netherlands was a bad...

Idea of building a “gay village” in the Netherlands was a bad joke

Idea of building a

Above the mayor of Tilburg (Netherlands) made ​​a joke failed LGBT community. Earlier initiative group of young guys offered to build a Gay Village (gay village) in one of the quarters. However, on June 18 , they also announced that their initiative was the usual PR-swing. 

Authorities in the Netherlands in recent years struggling to demonstrate loyalty to the Lesbian. When it was reported that 22% of gay men supposedly feel uncomfortable, living in ordinary neighborhoods, Tilburg authorities had no choice as only agree with the proposals of the LGBT community. According to announced plans earlier in the city was supposed to be a new residential complex in which to settle could only gay person. It was planned to build 13 apartment buildings, tennis, cooking school, as well as custom objects of trade and catering. 

Needless to say, learning about so appealing term, many investors began to explore the possibility of participation in the project. Surprised nobody idea of ​​a Gay Village in Tilburg, as it periodically there are mass events and festivals organized by the LGBT community. But in the end their plans burst like a soap bubble. 

Now LGBT, and authorities of the city claim that all previous talk of building a special quarter were just PR-move, aimed at raising awareness of society. Moreover, the initiators of the creation of separate blocks called gay nothing but a repetition of the experience of the Nazis, who organized the ghetto and also initially told that live in these areas will be very comfortable. 

However, few experts today would believe such explanations. If it was a planned PR-move, it has been extremely unsuccessful. Because in fact in certain circles only increased mood homophobia. Yes, and the city authorities reputation suffered. Too many officials and potential investors to believe in the reality of creating Gay Village. And now, when the mayor’s office will announce the launch of any other long-term project, for sure, they will be treated with suspicion. Most likely, it was a bad joke LGBT community over the mayor’s office, which is now trying to save face announces that she knew everything from the beginning.