29.12.2014 10:08

“I’m leaving, I’m going nicely.” Review of the final “Sons of Anarchy”


The final episode of “Sons of Anarchy» (Sons of Anarchy) lasted more than an hour, and all this time Kurt Sutter pulled veins of the spectators, already exhausted long wait interchanges. Until the last minute it was not clear what leads Jacks. If he wants to give the police or go on the run, humbly accept the verdict of the club or to enforce one of his cunning plan?

Highlight: the ending of the series can not be called happy ending in the classical sense of the word. But this episode also did not become one of those finals, when all die just because the writers have not been able to unravel their own ideas. What we saw in the series “Daddy’s things” («Papa’s Goods»), can be called a happy ending for Sutter: everything is very tough, but fair, and most importantly – correctly.

Hard to believe, but Kurt speaking wrote and directed the finale, delicately brought together all the storylines related to the affairs of the club. Although the task he was not an easy one: too many problems brought Sons board of Jacky-boy and manipulation of his uncompromising mother. But then it turned out that Jack’s spit on any consequences of their actions, whether violence against the old enemy or a private conversation with the prosecutor.

Agree, it was nice to see him clean up after themselves before taking the post of president. As a way out, when he realizes that one of his brothers in the club is not ready to execute the sentence. As a farewell to Nero, Wendy, sons and Laila. Yes,Jack’s leaving for a long time, but damn, really beautiful. He left Charming hope for a peaceful life. After so many years of violence is a truly generous gift. Anyone who has inherited from the mother and cunning great heart from his father, to fool everyone, but remained true to himself. And rightly so, that in the struggle for the soul of Jax and Tara won by JT and not Gemma.

"I'm leaving, I'm going nicely." Review of the final "Sons of Anarchy"

Even less plausible by the fact that in the harsh series about bikers were appropriate pretentious gestures like farewell confessional monologues or quotations from Shakespeare. And the bread and wine? It is generally out of the ordinary! Sutter, who played in the project treshovuyu most part, managed to write one of the most delicate and emotional finals in the history of the coolest television dramas. In this case, any entertainment or logic he can not refuse.

After the death of Tara Jacks became a different person, and Charlie Hunnam,admittedly, coped brilliantly with this transformation. In deed Jackson in the crease on the forehead and walk – in all its new image was read painful pofigizm substituted by an irrepressible thirst for revenge. But look at his face in the final, this radiant smile: Jax finally freed from his demons, making the right choice. AHannem acquired in its portfolio a great trump card, which is not yet time it will be useful in future career.

Other actors were also on top. For example, Jimmy Smits (Nero) have done together with Charlie scene touching and powerful. Even battered reception with dark glasses got here can be very useful. This episode – bullet point in the general history of Jax and Nero, as well as look into the future through her ​​tears to part with a criminal past lossless manage units. No wonder we repeatedly showed a close-up of Nero, who rides with Wendy and the boys meet a quiet life, where good and evil are drawn clear boundaries.

"I'm leaving, I'm going nicely." Review of the final "Sons of Anarchy"

Pyr, Teague and never even distinguished by excessive emotionality Lyba – all these characters in the finale of the show were literally a walking dramas.Sometimes they were physically painful to watch: on Pyra – after talking to Jaxomon the roof, on Tiga – at the very end, when he sought solace in the manicured hands of his beloved.

Until the last moment there was a hope that Jax will turn the steering wheel. But was there one case in seven seasons, when the sons do not finish the job? For once Sutter did not carry it through? Not once, even if it looked absolutely crazy! For permanent kinks and perebarschivaniya for the game on the field gray morality, for the shocking truth of life criminals and we loved the Sons of Anarchy. Therefore, in the final road back was not. Therefore Jacks not turned the wheel and sent him away, throwing open its arms to the wagon and his destiny.