31.08.2015 8:41

US will impose sanctions against China because of hacker attacks

In recent years, US authorities are increasingly complaining about Chinese hackers attacks on various facilities of the country. And recently it became known that the US is preparing a package of economic sanctions against companies and nationals of China, which, according to US authorities might be involved in hacker attacks.
According to sources The Washington Post, the final decision on sanctions will be adopted in the next two weeks. And the Obama administration are confident that they will help in the fight against economic espionage from China, giving him a clear message about the need to stop such actions.

The source did not name any specific sanctions, saying only that the US government is implementing a comprehensive strategy to combat cyber attacks, which is expressed both in the aspects of diplomatic activities and instruments of trade policy, enforcement mechanisms and sanctions against involved in the attacks of natural and legal persons.

At the same time officials clarify that China – is, although not the only, but the most active countries in the field of cyber attacks for the purpose of industrial espionage. For example, just last month, the FBI said 53 per cent increase in cases of economic espionage, and as a state in the department, most of them it is the Chinese roots.

As for China, the country’s authorities deny involvement in cyber attacks, saying that the country itself is a victim of hacker attacks, and calls upon the international community to jointly combat this threat.