15.03.2014 8:56

Impressions game Alien: Isolation

Fifteen years after the disappearance of the tug “Nostromo” is going to look for a starship expedition.No wonder that in the forefront of volunteers is Amanda Ripley – the daughter of one of the crew members. She has no idea what surprises prepares her boundless space. We visited at the presentation of the alpha version of the game Alien: Isolation, already a little present.

In the cramped hallway ship flickering light. The first corpse greets us in a couple of minutes. Brought together with a few materials for later use, look around. Rows of cathode ray tubes, mounted in the massive metal housing, reproduce fragments of text on monochrome displays. Bulbs, LED indicators on the state of managed systems using massive mechanical keyboards. Decoration of the original film scrupulously sustained; admitted as chief designer, “interior game was created so that it was possible to play back in 1979, when he left the original film by Ridley Scott.”

Developer The Creative Assembly
Publisher Sega
Platforms PCXbox 360PS3PS4Xbox One
Genres Action adventure
Released Games 2014

Pass to the next compartment requires engineering intervention. Turn on the flashlight and spot a nearby plasma torch. Cut metal evokes memories of the trilogy Dead Space, which is the general atmosphere is perhaps closest Alien: Isolation. But there is a caveat, the existence of which reminds us insinuating squeak radar.


In its heyday, it could well be applied as a cold weapon, but he carries other functions. First, of course, indicates our goal. And secondly, the proximity of the Alien, whose goal is Amanda herself.Collision with the monster may occur suddenly. We enter into the bay – Stranger is behind glass in the next room. We activate any controls – Stranger hears everything. We find tranquility in breaking another console – Stranger breaks through the ventilation system and crumbling from the ceiling.

His behavior does not submit scripts. Without excellent reaction rate increasing every meeting ends in a whisper and death. Goodbye Alien consider succeed in all its glory. Although sometimes in sight will simply enter a brilliant bloody claw surrounded by lumps of flesh. It was at that moment when you frazzled expectation spit on stealth and headlong rush toward the goal, while saving roller is a few steps. This injection of Mirror’s Edge – is the highlight of the gameplay, bringing a unique and exciting experience in a methodical “breakdown sheets” on the ship disappeared.


Of course, throughout the “Nostromo” arranged cabinets in which you can hide from Alien. Of course, Amanda is able to peek out from behind the small shelters and, judging by the hints of crafting can tinkering additional means of survival. But this is unlikely to save your nerve cells in the first passage Alien: Isolation. Simultaneous release on five platforms is scheduled for the end of the year Tekushev. More details – the exhibition E3, which takes place from 10 to 14 June in Los Angeles.