20.04.2014 7:49

Impressions of the new HTC One (M8)

We already released a detailed review of the device, but in his column, I would like to share their own experiences of new items.


Friends, I will not bore you with a list of features in this article, wishing to get acquainted with them can read the article Artem .

Design and materials

To tell you the truth, I aluminum body like the previous model more in hand, he felt it was right as metal. In the new One due to the smoothness of the back cover, no such feeling. That is, it looks still cool and metal in a smartphone is great, but specifically I like it last One of this parameter.


Designed by the same trends pleased. HTC One M8 looks great, it’s one of the few devices that will delight you with not only performance, but also appearance.


Some readers have complained that because of the logo HTC, new One was very long. I would like to note that the half-inch play no special role. Smartphone felt in hand as well as other five-inch device.

By the way, due to the rounded edges to hold in my hand the new One is much more convenient.



I like the screens in flagship smartphones HTC since HTC One X. They are traditionally used SLCD-class matrix and with each generation of displays only get better. Despite the fact that the One M8 retained the same screen resolution, the naked eye can be seen as increased brightness and sharpness. Display One M8 is currently one of the best among the flagships of 2014.

Operating system

Frankly, I do not like Sense 5.x used in last year’s lineup One. Primarily because nondisconnectable Blinkfeed and extended font (Roboto Condensed). However, with the release of Android 4.4, these fonts have become very well integrated into the system. As for the Sense, it has become more refined (fonts, lines, design applications) and it’s great. Thus the shell is not much different from a pure Android, so that applications in the card style fit perfectly into the overall design of the HTC Sense. And of course, I note that you can now disable Blinkfeed.

Interfaces and performance

The first thing that pleased me at once – the presence of the memory card slot. And no matter what it is used by more than 30% of users. This is a significant plus for the device, at least for me. Separately pleased support NFC, LTE and Dual-Band Wi-Fi. Mobile Wallet is also an interesting function somehow tell more about it.

As for performance, the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 coupled with good optimization of the speed in the Sense gives us a good outcome. Smartphone, unlike some competitors, simply flies.



I rarely shoot from a smartphone, probably 2-3 shot per week, no more. And those tend to refer to the technical information, and not to the work of art. Artem and Roman told in detail about the camera in the new One, recommend wishing to get acquainted with that field of view.


The device works very long, about 30 percent longer than the previous model. When my activity (3 hours with the included screen twitter, email, browser and viewing HD-video) in the evening at the device is still a third charge.These are very good results, considering that I did not use any power-saving modes, I think they’ll be even better.


External stereo speakers – one of the essential advantages of the entire line of One, and the new M8 was no exception. It produces pure sound quality, which can be easily compared with the built-in speakers of my iMac.


In HTC One M8 excellent job on the strengths of the previous model: the display is even better, building “polished», HTC Sense well updated, and most importantly – have added a memory card slot. The device has two drawbacks, for which he blamed all this ultrapikseli and high altitude smartphone. My opinion is that I’m willing to forgive a mediocre camera and slightly larger dimensions of the competition, if a smartphone with a great design, great body materials, a stunning screen, a convenient wrapper and no complaints about the speed.

PS Are you ready to take the plastic and retarding the flagship with a horrible shell for cool camera?