Most impressive castles UK

Most impressive castles UK


Albion literally saturated with ancient and puzzles, many of whom hold powerful walls of its stately castles. Our paper focuses of the five most impressive castles in Britain, each of which deserves a separate story.

Carnarvon Castle

On the magnificent fort, more than a century to protect the peace of the city on the Welsh Menai Strait, we can only speak in superlatives. After locking Carnarvon – this is one of the most impregnable strongholds of Europe and most significant creation of King Edward I. Back in the days when legions of the great Roman Empire came to the British Isles, from Menai Straits rose Segontium wooden fortress that can accommodate thousandth garrison. It was then born Carnarvon – so Welsh sounds “lock in front of Anglesey.”

Nobody really knows what happened in this region after the departure of the Romans, but the death of the Welsh ruler Llywelyn began a new chapter in the history of Carnarvon. Efforts of Edward I, a huge wooden fortress turned into a powerful stone citadel, whose construction took for half a century and cost of the annual budget of the whole kingdom. Nine impressive towers stood in the way of uninvited guests, and those who managed to avoid attacks by defenders of Carnarvon, waiting traps, hidden behind the gates of the King. Many sieges and battles withstood the favorite residence of the monarch, failing to maintain a decent appearance and to this day, and became one of the attractions of the UNESCO. How to plan a visit to the castle of Carnarvon tells website .

Dover Castle

The place where the “key to England” also noticed by the ancient Romans. Already in the 50 AD on the shore of the Strait of Dover, which separates mainland Europe and the UK, increased port with stone guard – a beacon. When the Roman Empire fell, and the city threatened oblivion liked Dover last Anglo-Saxon ruler Harold III. But the massive walls and a deep moat around the castle he built here and not become an obstacle in the path of William the Conqueror: Bulwark was put up without a fight the locals who came in horror at the Norman troops. Since then, the castle grew like a weed until it became a real fortress city: over him, one after another, by the architect William and Henry II Plantagenet, a lover of the Crusades, Richard the Lionheart and his evil brother John, and Henry III.

Although today the only permanent inhabitant of bulk stone is the ghost boy drummer, history comes alive for the holidays. For example, in April, guests Dover Castle await reconstruction court of King Henry and reconstruction of the legend of George and the Dragon. About when to look better ha ‘key to England’, tells website .

Edinburgh Castle

“Blinking lock on a rock in the deep scars of ancient wounds” – wrote in his “Address to Edinburgh” Scotsman Robert Burns. Scientists are still trying to guess who was responsible for the creation of Edinburgh and the grand fortress, stretched on Castle Hill. One attributes its construction Celtic tribe votadinov someone refers to the legendary era long before the birth of Christ, and someone celebrates the mythical ruler Ebravka Breton. But the first official chronicles of Castle Hill – real medieval thriller: in 1093 the wife of Malcolm III, who later became St. Margaret learns of the death of her beloved husband and dies of grief. Fortress storm troops decided to grab the empty throne Donald Bane, and only secret passages help young heir to the throne to avoid imminent death …

A lot of blood spilled under the walls of the most photographed sights in Scotland: Fort Edward I was besieged troops and render useless people of Robert the Bruce, was an unwitting participant in a bloody attack tricky William Douglas and used as a prison and arsenal. Now in the treasury of the Edinburgh Castle, which became the symbol of Scotland, kept sacred relics – the crown of monarchs and Stone of Scone. About events awaiting guests fort, written on .

Arundel Castle

One of the most photogenic castles of Great Britain became the star of many films: here, for example, filmed “The Young Victoria” and the series “Empty Crown”. History of Arundel, whose construction began in 1068, is associated with many famous names. Its first owner was Roger de Montgomery – the closest confidant of William the Conqueror, reputed to be one of the richest people in medieval England. After Arundel owned d’Aubigny, and powerful Fitzalan Howard, envy and awe. While strengthening barely survived the civil war, it was not only restored to its former grandeur, but modernized: there appeared central heating, water supply and electrification.

As any self-respecting castle in Arundel is not only an impressive collection of antiquities and unique works of art, but also his own ghosts: the dishwasher boy, white bird, foreboding death and sad young lady. About what to do on site attractions, open from April to November, explained in detail on .

Tower of London

If the court decided to spend the surplus forensic luminol built on old London, Tower glowed would certainly worse than a Christmas tree. Bright limestone walls of the castle, and had time to visit the palace and treasury, and a prison, and an arsenal, literally soaked with blood. The guards say: just half a century ago, a popular attraction was the capital creepy place where no one stayed overnight even on pain of death. Indeed, in the dark of the night, when thick fog haze can not dispel the lantern light, shadows come to life in the Tower of the dead. By Bloody Tower haunting ghost of Anne Boleyn, beheaded mercilessly spouse Henry VIII, and the stone wall strays, moaning quietly, devoid head Countess of Salisbury. Silently guards appear before the eyes of pale boys – little princes, meanly killed Richard III, and the sad girl, appearing in the guard room, sometimes pointing the way to the remains of unknown prisoners of the Tower.