20.02.2014 9:23

With independence, Scotland will part with the British pound

Scotland will not be able to use the British pound as the base currency , if there is a declaration of independence of the autonomous state, which is now part of the United Kingdom. Anyway, the UK Ministry of Finance will not support this idea. This statement was made head of the department , George Osborne , – says EA Bloobmerg.

To persuade Chancellor of the Exchequer , if Scotland is going to get away from London , and then she goes to the British pound sterling. When you save the single currency will not be provided economic security or Scotland or other parts of Britain . On the contrary , this process will cost England as jobs and money.

In addition , Mr. Osborne added that if you save a single currency – the pound sterling , need to create a banking union of the two states and share fiscal risks . However, tax and financial policies at London Scottish independence should not depend on that state.

Last week, the head of the British government , David Cameron appealed to all citizens of the United Kingdom to prevent collapse of the country followed by the separation of Scotland, which was in the United Kingdom since 1707 .

Hold a referendum on Scottish independence is scheduled for September 18 this year. If the majority of its residents approve secession from the UK then Scotland will become an independent state is March 24, 2016 .

However , gaining independence in Edinburgh want to keep the main currency of the pound sterling, formally remaining under the British crown , and in the European Union , but at the same time to get their own tax system and the army .