Indian engineers built the first solar cell is flooded

Indian engineers built the first solar cell is flooded

solar cell

Indian engineers and scientists decided to build a “solar cell” (station receiving solar energy using appropriate batteries) can not only on land but also on the water. As known, this kind of complexes, for best efficiency, must occupy a substantial area.

Green electricity, which bears from space Sun itself, be very expensive in terms of land, and in the case of India, the initiators of the construction of such systems at risk to pay exorbitant prices. The reason for this lies in the fact that not so long ago, the country has seen a sharp rise in price of land in several states. Ironically, the land has risen in those states in India, which are best suited for the construction of solar systems.

Project solar cell on water

Based on the fact that such an expensive electric solar cell nobody needs, Indian engineers have used the feature of the legislation and decided to create a solar cell plant project on the water. In order to better understand the situation, it is worth knowing that the construction of such complexes in the water is not associated with small financial cost, as well as the process of the construction will take longer. However, despite this, the most conservative estimates, the construction of stations on the water, allow India to save 15-20% of the cost of construction, which subsequently will impact on the final price of the received energy.

I should add that solar power projects in the water appeared before, but until then, they are all gone out of the concept stage or project. In India, the same has been collected first experimental station of this kind. Moreover, the government has already agreed to give the initial 72 million U.S. dollars for the construction of such complexes in all appropriate reservoirs of the country. Build such stations will be solely on the lakes.

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