InFocus V5 M808 – the best among equals

InFocus V5 M808 – the best among equals

InFocus V5 M808 - the best among equals

About InFocus company walks a lot of rumors. It is known that an American company, one of the areas which are smartphones. Moreover, Foxconn assembles machines. Let me remind you that it is going to Foxconn Apple technology, so the level of quality control and there is very high. Today, our attention will be focused on the smartphone InFocus V5, which has two internal marking: M808 and M560. From the combination of performance and attention to detail of it is quite possible to say that this is one of the best smartphones in its price category.

Unpacking and equipment

InFocus V5 come in solid white packaging with a barely noticeable pattern.

InFocus V5 M808 - the best among equals

On the back side, we find the characteristics of the Chinese language. As you can see, the device is called the M560 is already here.

The kit to put the smartphone documentation clip for SIM card tray and memory card, USB cable – MicroUSB charging and 5 volt 1 amp, although the device successfully charged from 1.5 amps. Adapter outlet for our complete absent.

Design / Ergonomics

New fashion diagonal 5.2 inches has proved to be in the best light. Although a little less familiar diagonal 5.5 smartphone is now very comfortably operated with one hand. InFocus V5 housing is completely made of metal and pleasantly cools the hand. No squeaks and backlash, all rear inserts are not decorative and contain antennas. The keys are also made of metal and have a nice tight turn with a short click.

On the front of the device are the display, earpiece, event display, sensors, front camera and InFocus logo.

InFocus V5 M808 - the best among equals

On the back of the – main camera, LED flash is bright enough, and an optional microphone noise reduction.

On the left side of the device are a power button and a volume swing.

On the right – two paper trays: two under the Nano-SIM card tray and a memory card.

In my opinion – this is not the best solution. It was logical used to swap the contents of the right and left the side.

At the top end, we have only a headset connector on the bottom – the main speaker, microphone, designed as the second speaker, MicroUSB connector, and two tiny screws.


The InFocus V5 claimed battery 2,450 mAh, which is enough for a full day of use. USB tester determined value to 2470mAh.

Test results showed a very good Antutu firmware energy efficiency with a smooth discharge schedule.

InFocus V5 M808 - the best among equals

In addition, InFocus V5 has an intelligent control of the battery consumption. And in the case of unduly high consumption of resources – it warns the user and allows you to close the application.


Display – this is one of the important advantages of InFocus V5. Then it sets an excellent IPS OGS FullHD screen with 10 touch points.

The color temperature and contrast can be set in a special menu.

Viewing angles – great, no color inversion, the image is bright and colorful.


The main speaker is loud, bass, with a wide spectrum of frequencies. Regarding the sound in the headphones, it uses well-proven integrated solution from MTK 67xx.


The quality of communication at InFocus V5 at a good level, supports 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE frequencies.

Wi-Fi proved himself just perfectly with the results of measurements through one and two concrete walls can be found below:

There is support for electronic compass, GPS, and GLONASS satellites are caught almost immediately.

Also, the smartphone can boast the presence of OTG.

Interface / Software

InFocus V5 interface is based on a heavily reworked Android 5.1, but for fans of the experiments – now available on Android version 6.

InFocus V5 M808 - the best among equals

The number of additional chips in the firmware is simply amazing, so in a separate menu group taken out possible calibration of various sensors.

It is possible to choose which of the applications allowed to run in the background, and what – no. As well as assign different usage rights.

Here we setting on-screen buttons and some non-contact gestures. Among the shortcomings can be noted the absence of a favorite with many “dual-tapa”.

Internal memory – 32 gigabytes, has auto-update over the air.


InFocus V5 is based on 64 bit 8 core CPU MTK MT6753 with a frequency of 1.3 GHz. Responsible for the graphics Mali T720, memory – 2 GB of main – 32, plus support for MicroSD memory cards. The capacity of the iron is enough to draw the most modern games at medium and high-quality graphics.

Camera – this is another advantage InFocus V5. The main camera on the stated 13 megapixels (in the 16: 9 mode the camera takes a maximum 9.5 MP), and in good light is capable of doing just great shots.

We were pleased and front camera of 5 megapixels. Lovers of high-quality selfie will be satisfied.

Conclusion InFocus V5

In summary, of the downsides can be identified: a button in the left pane, no “double-tapa” and the average battery capacity. The number of advantages far outweighs the InFocus V5: the metal body with excellent assembly, the separate tray for memory cards, one-handed ease of management, superb FullHD display and a luxury for this price segment chamber. Separately, I note the support of the electronic compass and a very high-quality navigation. Given all this, for the InFocus V5, it is very difficult to choose the real competitors. In my opinion, a smartphone InFocus V5 is quite worthy of the title of one of the best smartphones in the price range of about $ 100.