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Inmotion P2 First REVIEW: Electric Bike with 70km Range!

Electric transport is now confidently gaining popularity. The electric cars gradually replace gasoline cars, while electric scooters or electric bikes more often appear in big cities. After all, private or public transport is not the best option for a big city, because of traffic jams at rush hour. A bicycle is much better for moving around the city.

However, not everyone is ready to pedal every day to work and from it to home. Then Inmotion P2 electric bike will be an ideal option.

Inmotion P2 First Review: New Electric Bike

Inmotion P2 is a new electric bike, which has a folding design, three riding modes, maximum speed of 30 km per hour and range of 70 km on a single charge.

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In this article we will make the first review of Inmotion P2, look at design, specifications, features and functions.

Inmotion P2 First Review: New Electric Bike

Inmotion P2: Specifications

  • Dimensions: 102 x 67 x 20 cm;
  • Weight: 18 kg;
  • Colors: black + gold;
  • Material: aluminum alloy;
  • Motor: 350W;
  • Maximum speed: up to 30 km / h;
  • Input voltage: 110 – 240 V;
  • Battery power: 280Wh;
  • Charging time: 6 hours;
  • Operating temperature: from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius;
  • Autonomy: 35 – 40 km or 60-70 km (depending on the riding mode);
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0;
  • Maximum load: 120 kg;
  • Maximum tilt angle: 12 degrees;
  • Tire diameter: 12-inches;
  • Degree of protection: IP54.

Inmotion P2 Video Promo

Inmotion P2: Design

Inmotion P2 First Review: New Electric Bike

Unlike the first version Inmotion P1, the new electric bike Inmotion P2 looks more similar to the regular bicycle. It has both the pedals and the chains. It looks very tiny and even childish, so the manufacturer decided to produce an electric bike in strict black color with some golden details.

This is a very compact folding bike – its weight is only 18 kg, while the dimensions are 102 x 67 x 20 cm. It can be easily folded and transported in a car or put into an elevator, for example. This makes it even more convenient, especially if you live in a small apartment, where there is not much space for a bulky bike.

Inmotion P2 First Review: New Electric Bike

Inmotion P2 is made of aluminum alloy, and it can withstand a maximum load of up to 120 kg. It is perfect for both teenagers and adults.

In front, as usual, we see a high steering wheel with speed control levers and brakes. Below is a large and powerful white LED lamp, thanks to which you can safely move on an electric bike around the city at night.

Behind there is another LED lamp, which shines red.

Inmotion P2 First Review: New Electric Bike

The seat here is wide and easily adjustable. You can customize it to your height.

The frame is low, which means you do not need to throw a leg high when landing. This allows you to ride Inmotion P2 in sports pants, jeans, and even in a dress.

The wheels are 12-inches, which is much smaller than an ordinary urban bikes. There is also a small leg on the rear wheel for the stability of the electric bike when it doesn’t move.

Inmotion P2: Functions

Inmotion P2 First Review: New Electric Bike

The new bike received a 350W motor, which provides a maximum speed of 30 km per hour. Also, it can overcome the maximum slope of up to 12 degrees. The bike accelerates easily, without jerks and delays. Another nice feature is its quiet riding. Even if you ride fast, the electric bike is not noisy.

Inmotion P2 First Review: New Electric Bike

Inmotion P2 has three riding modes: 1) when user pedals yourself, 2) the electric bicycle takes over half of the load and 3) fully electric mode.

The electric bike received 36V 7.8Ah battery. It uses a regular USB port for charging. You need to charge the electric bike for about 6 hours for full charge. On a single charge Inmotion P2 can ride up to 40km in electric mode, or 60-70km in the other two modes.

Inmotion P2: Riding

Inmotion P2 First Review: New Electric Bike

You don’t need a manual to use Inmotion P2. First, you just need to lift the steering wheel to its original position and securely fasten it with a hard clamp. Then adjust the seat height. That’s all!

The manufacturer recommends charging the battery at least 6 hours before the first riding.

As for the package contents, then it is standard. You will receive  Inmotion P2 electric bikes, charging cable and user manual in the box.

As for the controls, we have levers and brakes on the steering wheel. On the left there is a button to turn on the electric motor, lights and bell.

On the right is the battery charge indicator, which is highlighted by different bands. They can be seen even in bright sunlight. Above the control levers are the front and rear brakes of the dual-disc brake system.

Also, you can connect to Inmotion P2 to smartphone using the special app, and get more settings or data about your rides.

Inmotion P2 First Review: New Electric Bike

Inmotion P2 electric bike is prepared for any unforeseen weather. It has an IP54 degree of protection. You need not worry if you are exposed to rain; it will not harm this electric bike.

The braking distance is correct, and we did not notice the skidding or locking of the wheels. Brake discs work gently and clearly. We also tested the wheels on wet pavement, no problems, the bike is ready for any road conditions.

Inmotion P2 First Review: New Electric Bike

Inmotion P2: Pros

  • Folding design;
  • Battery;
  • Double disc brake;
  • Maximum speed 30 km/h;
  • Application features for Android and iOS;
  • Powerful light.

Inmotion P2: Cons

  • Price.

Inmotion P2 First Review: New Electric Bike

Inmotion P2: Price

Inmotion P2 is a great option of urban electric bikes. It is safe and reliable. The device received a folding design, aluminum construction, protection from water and moisture, a long battery life and three riding modes.

Thanks to its design, the bike is suitable for both an adult and a teenager. You can buy a new Inmotion P2 on GearBest for the price $759.

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Inmotion P2 Video Review

Source: inmotionworld