27.08.2014 12:44

Innovative notebook is in scanner mode

Ever there was a need to scan an image from paper to the computer? Why not just invented people in this area over the last decade. It seemed that the mobile scanners should be the limit of possibilities, but no – the technical potential of humanity could not even stop it, and again revived the inventors that, it would seem, would be to have to sink into oblivion.

The paper was on paper – ie, paper – will be. Under the slogan was released innovative notebook Moleskine Livescribe, whose name may have a lot to say to those who are familiar with such thing as Livescribe SmartPen. However, for those who do this title yet says nothing, let us explain.

Innovative notebook is in scanner mode

Handles Livescribe SmartPen – a “smart” pen-sensors. Without them, notebook Moleskine Livescribe – this is the most common notebook, with the most ordinary sheets of paper. However, these sheets are “ordinary” only to the naked eye or to the ignorant person. The whole point is that each leaf is covered with a special material, which is almost not noticeable to the touch. This material allows the handles Livescribe SmartPen work as a sensor on the paper. As a result, when you connect two devices to a computer or smartphone, Moleskine Livescribe can instantly transfer the scanned text and graphics on an electronic device. Simply put, Moleskine Livescribe – this notebook scanner, recording in which the user scans the same time all that he writes and draws on the computer. It all happens in real time.

The important point is also the fact that on every page Moleskine Livescribe are control buttons by clicking on the image sensor which handle the user to stop or start the scan. Scanning occurs only in real time, so if it does not want, you can disable it and use the Moleskine Livescribe as the most common paper pad. The cost of one such miracle paper industry – $ 30.