The most interesting places in Melbourne

The most interesting places in Melbourne


Melbourne – the most visited tourist city on the continent of Australia. In April, here set ideal climate for sightseeing. About the most interesting of them today and we’ll tell.

Federation Square

By any case need custom approach, consider architects studios Lab and Bates Smart. Their unusual planning decision applied to Melbourne’s Federation Square, caused the residents and guests of Melbourne’s many conflicting emotions: from unquestioning admiration to complete rejection. Complex ensemble of unusual designs and the unusual shape of the area, allowing not only to celebrate the citywide event, but also privacy for romantic, won 30 prestigious awards in the field of architecture. Colorful geometric patterns of stones covering the surface of the Melbourne parade ground, in tune with unusual buildings on the sides, good-naturedly nicknamed “fragments”. There are exhibitions of Australian art, major festivals and most unusual flash mobs, based National Gallery, cinemas, offices, restaurants and tourist information office, as well as a giant screen broadcasting the most important events.


Unlike previous attractions, Melbourne Aquarium, which opened in 2000, is clearly a positive reaction. Behind the facade of the Australian must-see, located near the Yarra River, sea life rages cleaner than the water depth. During the tour, divided into four levels, guests seas and oceans without scuba dive in the world hitherto unknown. In creepy caves inhabited Xiphosura frightening and deadly tarantulas, and Southern oceans recreated life atolls. Largely Melbourne Aquarium can be considered the most-most: here is the world’s first circular oceanarium, presented for the first time in Australia, king penguins, Gentoo penguins and fish from harsh Antarctic waters, there lived only became pregnant in captivity sea serpent. For those who want to know the underwater world better, special programs. For example, for $ 149 you can become a member on the day of the aquarium and participate in feeding its amazing inhabitants.

Queen Victoria Market

If you’ve never been in the old market of Melbourne, functioning since 1878, you do not know what a real market for Australian way. Queen Victoria Market is similar to the Olympic Stadium – an area equal to seven hectares! What did not find on the shelves of people swarming the place: there are Chinese and trinkets, and the work of Australian artists and freshest fish, and even skins wombats. Each of the local merchants guarantees excellent quality: with vegetables grown in the beds can not be compared one store product, and the wine is not only possible but necessary to taste. On the territory of Attraction-listed heritage Victorian conducted cooking classes Melbourne’s best chefs and two-hour tours gastro. And from November to March on Wednesdays then passes Suzuki Night Market – night event, during which you can overeat Nepalese dumplings Australian paella and Spanish donuts snack.

House-Museum of Rippon Lea

Only a miracle helped historical monument, located on the outskirts of Melbourne, survive the twentieth century. Magnificent mansion tycoon Frederick Sarguda inspired by the best houses of the Italian Lombardy, was one of the first dwellings in Australia, had their own generators and electric lighting. The scale of the mansion gives an indication of the fact that once there were separate facilities for dishwasher, several pantries and kitchens, wine cellar, and among the sprawling around the magnificent gardens, occupying 17 hectares, lurked greenhouses, conservatories and a picturesque pond. With the death of the owner, everything changed: the estate, sold to developers, fell into disrepair and was used as a natural park pastures and corrals. And would have died an important cultural heritage, but fate intervened in the person of Louise Jones. Rippon Lea House has found new life, and the elements of the Victorian era turned into a Hollywood-style features. Now historic mansion and gardens are managed by the National Trust of Australia Foundation and open to the public.

Casino “Crown”

“You can deny almost any abstraction: the right, beauty, truth, goodness, the spirit of God. You can deny seriousness. Game – you can not. ” Brilliant words Johan Huizinga become more relevant as well as possible, it is necessary to step over the threshold of Australia’s largest entertainment complex. Casino “Crown”, occupying two blocks on the banks of the Yarra – Australian response is La Vegas. While statistics show: the main gambling establishment Melbourne differs significantly higher percentage of wins than any other casino in the world. And yet there is no need to pay an entrance fee: all that is required from the Visitor guests here – this rate. No matter how much you are willing to part, every visitor “Crown” is rewarded with a truly royal treatment. Entertainment complex are many gambling halls, restaurants and hotels for every taste.