30.10.2014 3:40

Interior Minister of France was on the verge of dismissal after the death of an activist during protests

In France, the scandal erupted, caused the death of a man during a protest. Under a hail of criticism appeared Interior Minister Bernard penalty – a close political ally of President Francois Hollande, reports Reuters.

According to preliminary data, the cause of death was an explosion protesting police grenades. The opposition accused Kazneva in tragedy and urged to resign. The minister, however, said he was not going to do it. He intends to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident.

“I have absolutely no intention to leave the office during the performance of his duty to the state and the republic,” – said penalty. He also added that investigators have “a moral duty” to find out what happened, and the police who violate the law should be punished, reports RIA “Novosti” .

Guardian reports that the tragedy occurred in France on Saturday night, October 25. 21-year-old activist Remi Fraisse killed in clashes between police and environmentalists protesting against the construction of a dam on the river Tesco in the southwestern department of Turn 50 km from Toulouse.

An autopsy revealed that the young man was killed in an explosion stun grenades, which are sometimes used by police to disperse the crowd during the riots. But who exactly was thrown projectile – the gendarmes or someone from the protesters themselves – until set.

Police said that among the demonstrators were provocateurs who threw a custody order some items. Meanwhile, the opposition accused of abuse of law enforcement powers and charge them what happened.

MP from the “green” the former minister Cecile Duflot called the tragedy “an indelible stain” on the reputation of the current government. In turn, the leader of the “Left Party” Jean-Luc M√©lenchon demanded the resignation of Interior Minister Bernard Kazneva.

The incident caused in France a huge public outcry. In several cities rioting. People took to the streets to protest against “police repression.”

Protests were held, particularly in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille. Eight people were arrested during a protest in Nantes.

In the situation was forced to intervene, French President Francois Hollande. October 27 evening, he delivered an address in which he promised that the death of an activist is thoroughly investigated. He also ensured that the “whole truth” will be revealed.

The President also said that her father telephoned the victim to personally express my condolences and “solidarity”. In turn, the penalty Bernard said that until the investigation is the use of stun grenades French police will be suspended.

Bernard executions led the French Interior Ministry in April 2014 after his predecessor Manuel Valls led the new government of the country. Prior to this penalty served as Minister-Delegate for Budget. In August the government Waltz was dissolved. The Prime Minister has kept his post. With him on the places resist several former members of the Cabinet, including Kazneva.