International experts have called for urgently develop a vaccine against Ebola, otherwise...

International experts have called for urgently develop a vaccine against Ebola, otherwise the virus will become a “global emergency”

International experts have called for urgently develop a vaccine against Ebola, otherwise the virus will become a

International experts are convinced that if nothing is done “immediate, cohesive and decisive” action, fever Ebola , which has already claimed the lives of more than four thousand people in West Africa can become a “global emergency”.

According to The Washington Post , the world is facing two scenarios spread fever. First – conventional methods to contain Ebola: isolation of patients and access to people who may have been infected, to reduce the rate of occurrence of new cases, until the epidemic has not come to naught.

The second scenario, as reported InoPressa , is “more severe.” Too late to apply the usual methods, the epidemic continues to spread, and the response the virus is associated with only the development of vaccines and output them to the level of widespread use, experts say.

According to the American newspaper, the head of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention USA Tom Frieden October 9, warned that if nothing is done “immediate, cohesive and decisive action, the Ebola virus could become a global scourge of AIDS.”

According to him, in the world there was no more dangerous than the disease since the discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus. As noted by Frieden, for the 30 years that he worked in the health sector, only one virus in strength was similar to Ebola – a HIV vaccine is urgently needed.

According to the BBC , a senior WHO Chris Dai ​​admitted when they were still recorded the first centers of fever in West African countries, no one was able to foresee the scale to which the epidemic will grow to the present time.

According to him, the organization makes a request for one billion dollars to fight the fever, but at the moment there are only specialists $ 300 million with the increasing growth of the threat of fever.

Currently there are one hundred percent of the method of recovery from fatal disease doctors were proposed. However, employees of the health system of Mali began to get vaccinated against the virus experimental drug, developed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for clinical testing. Testing carried out in order to create a drug that will help protect against the disease.

As reported by Reuters, the vaccine has already passed three paramedics, in the coming weeks it will be another 37 people. Research is being conducted by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases USA.

“These results give us valuable information about whether the vaccine is safe, portable and capable of stimulating an immune response necessary in the most vulnerable part of the population – health workers in West Africa,” – said Myron Levin, director of the Center for Vaccine Development University of Maryland, initiated testing.

The first trial began in September in Oxford, were attended by 60 volunteers. In Mali and Gambia in the samples will be attended by 40 people from each country. Clinical testing of an experimental vaccine of Johnson & Johnson to begin in early 2015.

Ebola virus, as noted by the World Health Organization, is transmitted from person to person through physical contact. Especially dangerous is the blood of the infected. However, the organization noted that the infection can be picked up after contact with items that used patient.

According to the latest reports, the victims of the disease were 4033 people, with more than 200 of them were medical staff who helped fight the spread of the deadly virus. Originally outbreak registered in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, but then infection was detected in Nigeria and Senegal. The infected patients were found in the United States and Spain.

However, experts do not rule out the emergence of Ebola in Russia. According to forecasts of the laboratory simulation of the biological and socio-technical systems (MoBS) at Northeastern University in Boston, the probability of occurrence of the virus in Russia October 24, 1%, and in a month – 5%. At the same time, according to Tass, in Tatarstan six African students already placed in quarantine because of the risk of importation of a dangerous disease.

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