On the Internet, you can create your own virtual clone for future...

On the Internet, you can create your own virtual clone for future generations


New startup out of MIT offers eternal life in the virtual world. Service called Eterni.me, is designed to digitally “reconstruct” the personality of man, after he died, and allow to “communicate” with him.

Users must provide access to their Internet activity (or deceased): logs chats, profiles on social networks, email, and photos. Once all the data are collected, they are processed and created a detailed virtual avatar. That he is the epitome of a computer person after death.

That’s what the developers write on the official website of the project: «Eterni.me analyzes almost everything that you have done during your life, and processes this information using complex artificial intelligence algorithms. You will then create your virtual copy that can communicate something to advise or comment on existing after you are gone. It’s like Skype-call of the past. “

This is a very interesting concept, although no details about him very little. All interested can sign up for e-mail-newsletter and receive the latest news site. According to Boston.com project has attracted great attention of network users and the press, many were inspired by the idea Eterni.me . 24 hours The main page has been viewed 36,000 times.

Full-scale launch will take place soon, and would love to believe that Eterni.me help many people survive the bitterness of the loss from the loss of loved ones.