19.11.2014 10:13

Revie movie “Interstellar”: the fifth dimension of space

You can tighten the introductory part, to overdo it with the conventions and screwed up in some scenes, but at the same time to make a great movie. It is cranked director Christopher Nolan in his new job Interstellar. Picture has nothing to reproach, but the deficiencies are not able to cross the powerful emotional impact and immersive atmosphere of deep space research.

Days of humanity on planet Earth are numbered. Crops die from incurable diseases, people suffering from food shortages, and the towns and villages covered with sand storms. The main character – a former NASA engineer Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) – lives on a farm with two children and a test.Circumstances forced him to do farming. But Cooper, not least because of the stubbornness of his daughter, gets a chance to go into space with the important task – to find a new home for people far beyond the solar system.

Revie movie "Interstellar": the fifth dimension of space

Swinging the film a good forty minutes, when we are trying to show the world before the inevitable catastrophe. However, on the global cataclysms mentioned in passing, about the sad state of society have to guess on steep references in the dialogue. There is a better chance to plunge into a depression from the provincial dullness, lack of proper medical care and follies education system, rather than how to feel the tragedy. The benefit of this is diluted strange phenomena, gravitational anomalies, forcing farmers to escape from everyday life.


– Let’s go!

The film is full rewards for your patience. Fateful mission to save the human race shouldered not the most heroic figures. Voltage is achieved including through the aligned masterful preparation process to start, explaining the purpose of the flight and study of fine details. Just feel the hard way what it is – to step into the unknown with scanty chance of success, and even more meager chances of survival.

The story is based on the familiar components. Supertask mercilessly grind of life researchers. They are forced to leave loved ones, knowing little chance of succeeding operation. There has been shown and proven that great achievements are not people in the name of the race, but for the sake of his family. The instinct of self-preservation leads to the fact that a person decides to insane in terms of logic, rules and moral behavior.

Story is intriguing not only due to intergalactic travel. The authors are playing with time and space, switch to the family drama, do not forget about the fantastic and the ‘scientific’ aspects. It all added up to a large-scale, complex, sometimes poignant picture. With each turn of the narrative is increasingly worried about the characters, their mistakes and failures. In uncharted worlds one second delay can cost lives and your comrades jeopardize the entire mission.

Exciting and oppressive atmosphere discharges military robot RTC. He is always ready to crack a joke and does not think about how it is relevant. Most often turns funny and character acquires a certain similarity of character. The rest of the researchers do not bother, surprise surprise actions, powerful revelations and experiences.

Revie movie "Interstellar": the fifth dimension of space

Space here does not look as stunning as in last year’s “ Gravity “. But the authors of more than compensate for the lag superbly dynamic scenes filmed in the open space, species unknown planets and realistic colors. For all its fantastic Interstellar never for a moment turns into a colorful attraction, and maintains a serious attitude. Complements all the music, fits perfectly into what is happening.

Everything would be perfect, but at some point the sound is too loud. Authors like trying to crush the viewer, causing negative impressions.


Some moments in the film are tight, and in the “scientific” part, you can dig up a lot of absurdities. But the last thing I want to be picked in the shortcomings of “Interstellar”. Painting for nearly three hours timekeeping remains an excellent product with genuine characters, simple but perfectly embodied ideas, as well as deliberately confusing but exciting games with space and time. Such an event can not miss.