28.01.2014 3:16

Interview with creator of universal dock ALL-DOCK

Kickstarter site is replete with a lot of projects, which contained interesting and promising ideas. However, not all start-ups will be able to collect the amount claimed and obtain the necessary funding. Today we tell about a project that was able to collect the amount that is more than double the original.

Authors of the project – the German-American company Dittrich California Inc., Which specializes in interior design kitchen. However, at some point, young designers realized that they could contribute to the fact that the dock for mobile gadgets have become much more beautiful and comfortable. Thus was born the idea of ​​the project ALL-DOCK – dock, which can be connected to almost all models of modern smartphones, tablets and music players.


Creating a page on Kickstarter , the inventors of modesty asked visitors to donate to the project $ 40 000. But in the end the guys were able to not only perform, but also significantly exceed its investment plan: currently participating kraudfandingovoy site donated to the project about 87 000 dollars. To try to analyze this success story, we interviewed co-founder Dietrich Clemens Dittrich California.

Tell us briefly about your company. Very interesting to learn about the history of a successful startup.

Startup we can only be called in the spirit! We are a small design bureau of Wuppertal, and as such, we often act adventurously. But the fact that Dittrich Design is on the market for 20 years!

The last time we jumped into the unknown just a year ago, when we teamed up with our Californian partners to launch another unfinished concept to ALL-DOCK on Kickstarter. Our partner Kevin helped us gather the right team, and that is born our new branch Dittrich California Inc.

I am an economist by profession, and my brother Andreyas industrial designer. 20 years ago we started to produce furniture that combines functionality and aesthetics with reasonable prices. Our most famous product – a Z-Line Office Desk, office desk, which has become our bestseller. We sold about a million of these tables around the world.

The idea of a universal docking station, it seems on the surface. What do you think, why this idea has not yet come to no one in the head? Or do you still have competitors?

Frankly, when we started developing ALL-DOCK us too surprised by the absence in the global market popular solutions like ours. The closest competitor to our product, which we know is a POP . We like their approach, but we think that the market is full of space for other brave, crazy or elegant solutions.

Short digression: Initially, we wanted to create a desk with an integrated docking station. This product requires a universal solution for charging. It was not long before we noticed that such solutions on the market almost no!

Did you expect that you will be able to collect more amount claimed 40 000 dollars?

Expect? – No. But we will very much hoped for! Forty thousand only sufficient to make the minimum number of docking stations for our donors on Kickstarter. Of course, we would not grieve if stopped for sorokovke, since it served to test our gorgeous design concept. But now we have the money for additional equipment with which we want to go to Russia and other global markets.

On the other hand, we are relieved to have reached our financial goal and are very grateful to those who supported us!


Do you think Apple would have approved of the idea of the dock, which can be connected not only gadgets from Cupertino , but competitors’ products?

This scandal was just charging station POP! Apple Inc. has suspended their project for many months, but eventually, she fortunately gave them license to manufacture.

In any case, the snag is the quality of the project dealt with MicroUSB na Adapter 30-Pin. We decided to get around this problem completely and stopped on the USB-hub, as more simple and reliable solution.

Do you want to share the plans of their new projects? Or is it a terrible secret?

Despite the fact that we are furniture designers by profession, we are not strangers to electrical engineering. With the success of ALL-DOCK on Kickstarter, we will continue to move in that direction. We are already developing the idea even more powerful charger, but what of it is not yet known.

What can you wish for beginners to enthusiasts who are going to organize your technology startup?

Such advice can be found on the Internet sea, and many even contradict each other. From my perspective, the most important thing is to assemble the right team. Alone I would not have managed to create. In my experience to work in a team need to find people who have different skills from you, but you share the same dreams. And the rest – a trick. You learn from the failures of the original, and then work better and better.