24.10.2014 7:36

How to organize the work of the intestinal inflammation, adjusting the power

Do you want to know how to organize the work of the intestinal inflammation, changing eating habits. It’s pretty simple, make this myself.

If lately you feel heaviness in the abdomen, you worse digestion, it is time to sound the alarm. But the situation may not be catastrophic, try to begin to correct its own power supply. So we’ll talk about how to organize the work of the intestine with the help of conventional products.

Improve the quality of intestinal inflammation

Remember, one of the ancient saying that the food should be our medicine. Try to take this wisdom to his allies. And for this to reconsider their menu and exceptional harmful products. These include:

  • Muffin, white bread and bakery products made from the highest grade of flour;
  • Sugar, including hidden in carbonated waters and ready meals;
  • Strong drinks containing alcohol;
  • Semi-finished products and generously spiced with artificial spices and seasonings.

Useful Products intestinal inflammation

What if you can eat? Products, baked from wheat flour, rye flour, buckwheat flour, with the addition of bran and whole grains. They contain fiber acts like a brush: the accumulated toxins swept along with feces, cleansing the bowels and normaliziruya his work. In addition, you also get thin, as often in the gut formed fecal stones very respectable weight.

Yogurt and kefir – a sweet couple that will make your digestive system work like a Swiss watch. The bacteria that are in these products result in the order flora normalize the amount and acidity of gastric juice.

Vegetables and fruits. In fact, this category should be called first, as the gifts of nature are a useful and healthy source of energy. In their composition includes not only all the necessary vitamins and minerals, but also fiber.

Linseed oil is a family and have a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestinal inflammation, relieve pain, heal ulcers and envelop them.

Just Add Water intestinal inflammation

If you are interested in how to organize the work of the intestinal inflammation, remember to water. The required amount of liquid for an adult – about half to two liters. It is not necessary to replace the pure spring (not tap) water, juice, tea or coffee, sodas. Water flushes toxins from the body, decomposition products, cleanses the body and promotes weight loss. If too thick gastric juice (from a lack of liquid) is deteriorated digestion, there is pain and discomfort. So do their findings and be healed!