09.10.2016 11:55

iPhone 7 survived after connecting “flash killer” burning any electronics. Video

On the Internet, there was a video in which an iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 connected USB Killer 2.0 flash drive killer. Both smartphones have continued to work, but it has failed the charging port on the iPhone 7 survived after connecting USB Killer 2.0.

iPhone 7 sustained connection “flash killer”

iPhone 7 maintains a direct connection “stick-killer” USB Killer 2.0 – it does not cease to work, although the Lightning port on the device burns. It is found out Internet user EverythingApplePro, which connected the “flash drive killer” turn to the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7, removing the entire process on video. The clip was posted on the user’s channel on YouTube.

experiment Progress

iPhone 7 survived after connecting USB Killer 2.0 burning any electronics

iPhone 7 survived after connecting USB Killer 2.0 is sold complete with a fuse Test Shield, which allows you to test the USB flash drive, without damaging the device. By connecting a USB Killer 2.0 to USB-port via the Test Shield, you need to check whether a spark jumps between the bare wire fuse. If slips – it means that the flash drive is working, and is able to interact with the device. EverythingApplePro conducted such a test before actual use to ensure that these conditions are met in the case of iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

After the flash drive has been connected to the iPhone without a fuse 7, there was a metallic click, but nothing happened to the smartphone – the screen is not extinguished and continued to respond to the touch. Re-inserting the USB flash drive, the user has made only one more click, the smart phone was working. However, when you connect your iPhone to a charger 7 has not started charging process, that is, its portal incapacitated.

With great caution the user connected the iPhone 7 survived after connecting USB Killer 2.0 for Samsung Galaxy Note 7, being careful not to hold it in your hands in the event of an explosion. The smartphone has not ceased to operate or after the first or after reconnecting the USB drive. Moreover, when you connect the charger to the screen reflected the charging process.

History of USB Killer 2.0 project

“USB flash drive-killer» USB Killer 2.0 was presented to the Russian developer, known under the pseudonym Dark_Purple, in 2015 inserted in the USB-port, USB flash drive very fast charging its capacitors, and then just as quickly discharged through the data transfer USB-ports bus that incapacitates 95% of devices. Dark_Purple trying to raise funds for the streaming device production, but did not succeed.

Establish production and run a USB flash drive on the market managed three developers from Hong Kong and Shenzhen in 2016. Their products can be ordered online Developer usbkill.com 49.95 euros.

Hong Kong manufacturers claim that after the demonstration on the Internet Dark_Purple stick, they began to treat customers with a request to do something like that. They managed to repeat the decision of the Russian developer. Seeing the popularity of a product, the creators decided to launch it into mass production. Before proceeding with the commercialization of the project, they tried to contact Dark_Purple and offer him a partnership but received no response.