31.05.2014 7:33

In Iran the British woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the post on Facebook

In Iran, 47 -year-old British woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the post to Facebook. Roy Collect Nejat Nobaht accused of ” intent to commit a crime against national security ” and “insulting Islamic sanctities .” Negotiations for her release complicated by the fact that Britain has no diplomatic relations with Iran.

The last six years Roy Collect Nejat Nobaht with her husband lived in Stockport in England. Couple holds dual citizenship of Iran and the United Kingdom.

In October 2013, a woman and her husband arrived in Iran to visit her husband’s relatives . She was arrested at the airport Shizara and sent to jail. The reason for his arrest was issued in the social network Facebook ” derogatory message ” about the government of Iran. British citizen called the Iranian regime “too Islamic .” Husband then expressed concerns that it would be sentenced to death , RIA “Novosti” .

Now he told the British edition of The Independent, that the recognition of the deed was obtained by the Iranian authorities under pressure. The man is afraid that if he comes to Iran again , it too would be arrested .

Sources close to the family of the victim, claim that the 20- year sentence can only be estimated as a written confirmation from the court did not act. According to them , the court has so far refused to confirm the information , but they are actively seeking clarification.

Due to the fact that Britain has no official representation in Iran , the negotiations for the release of detained women complicated.