Islamists took the airport of the capital of Libya and deposed the...

Islamists took the airport of the capital of Libya and deposed the elected parliament

Islamists took the airport of the capital of Libya and deposed the elected parliament

Groups of radical Islamists took today an international airport in Tripoli, ITAR-TASS reported with reference to the channel Al-Arabiya.

Fighting for the main air harbor Libya, located 30 km from the capital, from July 13, conducted between controlling it “Zintanskoy brigade”, speaking for the disgraced general Khalifa Haftorah, and Islamist militias in the so-called Central panel, at the forefront of which are groupings of Misrata .

It is with the onset of the airport, in fact, launched a military operation “Dawn Libya,” which is carried out Islamists led by the “Muslim Brotherhood” against the allies Haftorah. Last in May announced his determination to force people to eradicate terrorism and extremism in the country.

Last night, already the third time this week combat aircraft bombed the positions of the Islamists in Tripoli. As confirmed today by representatives of the military campaign, as a result of these attacks were killed 10 of their soldiers.

Responsibility for the attacks before taking on haftarovtsy. Meanwhile, today the Islamists accused of involvement in the bombing of Egypt and the UAE. “These countries are involved in this cowardly aggression, which also involved the new parliament and the interim government,” – they said.

Previously, many local analysts questioned the ability of the Air Force Haftorah, the rate of which is located within walking distance from Benghazi (1000 km east of Tripoli), to carry out night raids on such a considerable distance from the base sites. Prior to that, he combat aircraft, obsolete and finding not in the best condition, struck only in the vicinity of Benghazi and nearby Derna, and to the capital, according to haftarovtsy themselves, were able to reach only this week. In this regard, in the local press and on television, a host of speculations about the possible involvement in the bombing of a third party, including the Air Force, NATO or the United States, which has categorically denied all the arguments in this regard. Claim innocence and non-participation in the conflict in the neighboring country had been and the Egyptians, the Air Force which theoretically have the means to carry out such operations.

Islamists said about the transition of the elected parliament back the Universal National Congress

Representatives of the radical Islamist groups in Libya said on Saturday about the transition of authority from elected by popular vote in late June, the House of Representatives (the new parliament) back to the Universal National Congress (INC – Former interim parliament) informs television channel Al-Arabiya.

No details are omitted. In an urgent message indicates only that the leaders proislamistskoy military campaign “Dawn Libya” issued a decree for the return of the legislature BHK.

This operation was launched by Islamists led by the “Muslim Brotherhood” in mid-July against the allies of the disgraced Major General Khalifa Haftorah, which is within the running to them in May campaign “Dignity Libya” promised to eradicate terrorism and extremism in the country. More than a month ago, radical militias has been tasked to the maximum to take control of the capital and “play it safe” in the event of unforeseen developments on the inauguration of the House of Deputies and the loss of BHK legislative initiative. Following this, already fighting broke out periodically in Tripoli and the second largest city of Benghazi – the “cradle” of the revolution – has become even more fierce.

A statement of the transition of authority from the time constant of the Parliament followed immediately after the Islamists announced the capture of Tripoli International Airport. Fighting for the main air harbor of the country that held since the fall of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi “Zintanskaya Brigade”, lasted for about six weeks. They were killed or injured hundreds of people.

If BHK dominated Islamist forces under the leadership of the “brothers” in the new legislature them seriously pushed supporters of liberal and patriotic circles.Its first meeting because of ongoing fighting in Tripoli and Benghazi were spent in a quiet yet Tobruk (about 140 km from the border with Egypt), which was chosen as a place of constant residence legislators.

At the same time loyal Islamists Speaker of Congress Nouri Abu Sahmeyn still a couple of days before the first meeting of his successors in Tobruk, where strong position haftarovtsev, called the meeting illegal and unconstitutional. He made it clear that the meeting, which was supposed to officially pass the legislative initiative the House of Representatives, to be held in Tripoli. In this regard, some 20 parliamentarians held in her Islamists boycotted the oath, declaring solidarity with Abu Sahmeynom.

Earlier proislamistskie formation and supported their policies formally recognize the new elected legislature. However, in April, they emphasized that the transfer procedure is considered failed him authority from OWC and illegitimate all meetings in Tobruk and solutions adopted there.

A similar situation of dual power in the country was formed in late May – early July, when there were in Libya at the same time the interim government led by Prime Minister Abdullah Abdurrahman al-Thani (effective date) and the designated BHK cabinet misuratskogo businessman Ahmed Maytyga.

Then failed to resolve the dispute with the help of the Supreme Constitutional Court, which declared unconstitutional the appointment Maytyga.