Israel has developed a printer that fits in your pocket

Israel has developed a printer that fits in your pocket


Company Zuta Labs unveiled a prototype handheld paper printer that can print files regardless of their size and the size of the paper.

Every year computers become smaller and thinner, which is not the printers. Their dimensions are virtually unchanged, because the very concept of these devices do not permit them to be compact: tuck in paper printers, so make them have a sheet of A-4 is not possible.

Students at a university in Israel turned this conventional concept on its head and created a truly compact printer that will fit in a normal pocket. To start printing, you just need to put it on top of a sheet of paper. The device will begin to move, and will leave behind a printed letter or outlines of the images – depending on the file. With this project, the Israelis took to kraudfanding platform Kickstarter and hope to “raise” 400 thousand dollars.

Jonathan Stein, founder of the gadget: “When we looked at the printers, we saw a big and bulky boxes with print heads inside, constantly moving from side to side. Then we thought, why not just pull them out and put into a robot? “.

Cartridge installed in The Pocket Printer, enough, according to developers, a thousand pages. The battery will work hour, and can be recharged using a Micro-USB cable. The creators also added device support Bluetooth, so that the files for printing can be sent even from mobile devices. At any time, anywhere.

In the video shows a prototype printer, yet its speed is very low. However, the final product will print one page per minute.

Preorder Statement The Pocket Printer can be at its Kickstarter-page. So far, the price is $ 180. In the future, of course, it will be somewhat higher.

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