20.05.2014 11:39

Israel has invented an innovative wheel

SoftWheel Israeli company with headquarters in Tel Aviv and is engaged in the development and manufacture of wheels Gilad Wolff was founded after he was visited by the idea to create a bicycle wheel without spokes. In fact, these ideas appeared in some earlier inventors and, moreover, such wheels have tried to create, but no one succeeded. Israeli project engineer was called Acrobat, and it was the creation of kolyu wheels with shock absorbers instead of the traditional spokes.

Wheels Acrobat qualitatively different from their conventional counterparts in that much more durable. In particular, their unique property to change its shape in overcoming shoulder and vnedorozhya not only facilitates the trip, but also protects the camera in a wheel from mechanical damage. With Acrobat bicycle wheels really starts to move a little faster and easier to get cyclist pedaling.

First Acrobat talking about wheels back in 2012, but then the project turned out, to put it mildly “raw”. Over the past year and a half SoftWheel could significantly improve their offspring as well, which is unusual and no less important – reduce the cost of the wheels by almost 30%.

The first commercial model of innovative wheel has found its use in cycling, as well as in the manufacture of access for the disabled. Cyclists appreciated Acrobat, saying that with these wheels bike felt quite differently. According to some, this year will be used Acrobat wheels on several cycling events. Creator wheels noted that in case of further commercial success, he and his team try to do even better and Acrobat accessible, possibly due to the release of several models of the wheel. Now the wheels differ only in size.