In Istanbul, open-art “green” Istanbul New Airport

In Istanbul, open-art “green” Istanbul New Airport

In Istanbul, open-art

Istanbul – the largest city and the capital of Turkey – in the next 2 years will get a new airport. Istanbul New Airport will be shown on one of the city’s outskirts, near the sea. The total area of ​​the transport complex is 10,764,000 sq.m. This site will house numerous runways, aircraft storage and terminal with all the associated buildings.

To better understand how huge is Istanbul New Airport, stands for the comparison result and the total area of ​​the new super modern airport in Mexico City, which is only 5.975 million sq.m. According to preliminary information, these two airports are in something similar.

As airport project in Mexico City, Istanbul project is characterized by its high adaptability. In addition to its vast area and the scale of the complex, Istanbul New Airport via an interesting futuristic design. Deserves special attention here waiting room, which will have both electric and natural light. In this and that, and another is the dynamic lighting and manageable.

Acquire Istanbul New Airport and the “gentleman’s kit” of “green” technologies. The complex will be solar panels, wind turbines and rainwater collection station. All this will meet the domestic needs of the airport.

Istanbul New Airport capacity will be in the first stages of all 90 million passengers a year. Subsequently, this figure will rise to 150 million passengers a year and will continue to grow in the future. At the airport will operate nine main runways. Will also helipads, and the lounge will be parking and huge parking.